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The camera bag came into prominence back in the 1970s when Lowepro and Domke innovated various bags for photographers, as bags back then were not specifically made for photographers. Camera bags have seen much improvement nowadays, as materials and improvements in technology means bags are much more durable and comfortable.

Lowepro Camera Bag bashed but not broken

My first camera bag was a Lowepro. Bought in the famous Shong Lee camera shop in 1-Utama, the camera bag still faithfully serves me today. Back then, Lowepro was considered the most durable camera bag brand you could find, if…

Advantages of a Sony QX10 or QX100 lens

Recently Sony Corporation launched the Sony QX 10 and the QX 100 lenses. Both comes with different lengths and zoom, but both essentially revolutionary, but will they be dedicated camera replacements? Check out as we evaluate them.