Yoobao Power Bank Malaysia

If you are looking for a Yoobao Power Bank in Malaysia, look no further as we here at TechGarage have you covered. Yoobao power banks has been around Malaysia for sometime, but became popular back in 2011. However, the Malaysian market is saturated with both grey sets and fake Yoobao power banks. As such, it is hard to find a proper Yoobao power bank which is officially distributed. And here is where TechGarage comes in

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Innovative Yoobao products


Yoobao Power Bank Malaysia : Introduction

TechGarage works with Mobile Dot Com to ensure all Yoobao products including power banks on TechGarage are covered by Yoobao's Malaysia warranty. Here is why this is important

1) Why Yoobao Power Bank Malaysia : 12 months Official Yoobao Warranty

Unlike buying from unauthorised resellers, purchasing from TechGarage ensures that your power bank and other Yoobao products are covered by the official Yoobao warranty. For power banks, the warranty is 12 months, plus a short waiting period if there's any problems with the Yoobao Power Bank.

If you're purchasing a parallel import set, you only receive a 3 to 6 months warranty, and that is also based on the store, which could be a problem if you need a replacement and the store has issues to process your warranty.

2) Why Yoobao Power Bank Malaysia : Not rejected stocks

In the camera business which we came from, factory managers and/or staff are well known to  process faulty goods and pack them off as new. The problem with unauthorised parallel sets are that they might be faulty from the start. After all, with the cost price of an original Yoobao power bank the same across board, it would not make sense for retailers to self import original sets on their own.

Due to the fact that bringing in power banks into Malaysia means the mandatory Customs inspection and taxation, the cost of bringing in a small batch of power banks is really high. For example, if original 10,000 mAh Yoobao Master, YB-T4 had a cost price of USD 10 (RM 38), adding in shipping charges and FOB would mean the final cost would be about RM 55 or 60 before Mobile Dot Com sells it to the retailers.

For a higher end power bank like the 20,400 mAh Yoobao Zeus, the cost would most probably be about USD 35 or so, which translates to roughly RM 120. Add in custom duties and taxation on top of the shipping charges and it'll go closer to RM 170.

The very fact that online stores sell so called "original" Yoobao Malaysia Power Bank at a much lower price than official Yoobao Malaysia stocks doesn't make any sense, as they either sell at a RM 10 margin or pass off a fake power bank as original. Or worse still, they might be selling you a rejected stock which might explode or overheat anytime.

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Yoobao Tesla looks good, no?


3) Why Buy Yoobao Power Bank Malaysia : The Real Deal

In China, Yoobao and Xiaomi are among the two most copied brands of power bank due to their popularity. As such, it is common to find imitation or fake power banks that looks so much like the original like how our football jerseys are. While an expert would be able to identify a fake Yoobao power bank, most consumers like yourself may accidentally purchase a fake without knowing it.

In our article about cheap power banks in Malaysia, we've discussed the issue of knowing when "too good to be true" really means be careful with being conned.

4) Why Buy Yoobao Power Bank Malaysia : Corporate Purchases

If you are looking for power banks for your company in order to do a corporate deal or to reward your staff, Yoobao power banks comes with affordable packages that you might want to consider. And most importantly, we have ready stocks for you.

5) Why Buy Yoobao Power Bank Malaysia : Innovative Products

While most of us know Yoobao for their power banks, they have branched out and gone into things like electric wheels, bluetooth head sets and even iPhone accessories.

Yoobao Power Bank Malaysia : Conclusion

If you are looking for an affordable brand of power banks with concerns over reliability, Yoobao power banks are among the best in the market. However, do ensure you are purchasing from an official dealer like ourselves.

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