Astro vs HyppTV : English Premier League now available

If you’re an avid English Premier League fan like yours truly and not willing to pay Astro for their sports package, while getting your cravings for football fulfilled at the mamak shop or at friends’ homes, fear no more!

Astro vs HyppTV : What is it about?

HyppTV recently signed a deal with Astro for an initial 24 months to provide Astro Supersport HD and Supersport 2 HD. This means you may sign up for HyppTV’s already incredible deal of RM 30/month for HyppTV’s Sports Pack, which also includes Fox Football Channel HD and Trace Sport Stars HD, in addition to 4 channels of HyppSports HD.

For myself, the Supersport HD and Supersport 2 HD is good enough for me to sign up for the package, considering most of my movies comes from Netflix, which provides VOD (video on demand) movies for only a very affordable fee of USD 7.99/month. Please visit our tip on how to get Netflix USA on your TV set if you haven’t yet.

Where does English Premier League come in?

Where does the EPL come in? The EPL is shown on Astro’s Supersport HD and Supersport 2 HD, among the other channels on Astro. Though it’ll be a rotation with the other Astro channels not on HyppTV, it’ll also mean that we’ll get at least some EPL football on a weekly basis with teams like Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham on the menu.

tottenham 2013-2014-home-kit

Astro vs HyppTV : Why get the Sport Pack now?

If you’re still waiting this extended deal ends on the 31st of October 2013, which is tomorrow, whereby it’ll be at RM 50/month. By then, it’ll be more worth it to subscribe to Astro directly.

Also, your other alternatives of live English Premier League football would be to either sign up for the Astro Sports Pack (RM 74.95/month), the mamak store, your buddies’ crib or to sign up for an account with Bwin/Bet365. (please note we do NOT bet, nor encourage betting. However these two sites comes with the promise of free live streaming football if you sign up)

Astro vs HyppTV : Should you sign up for other Astro or HyppTV plans?

While I don’t mind either Astro or HyppTV, I still think that having Netflix USA in Malaysia would be the best. This is due to Netflix’s great assortment of movies and TV shows, which cannot be surpassed by our local players. Plus, Netflix allows you to save on the expensive Astro package.

Till then, am looking forward for this weekend’s matches =)


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