How To Watch Netflix In Malaysia

If you have been wondering how to watch Netflix in Malaysia and have encountered news and rumours that Netflix is the way to go if you plan to have affordable Video On Demand service (VOD), you have arrived at the right place! If you have found mostly Astro charges as expensive or something you’re trying to cut down on, Netflix (and Hulu, CrunchyRoll, etc) is the best option for you. We have previously written about the issues of subscription TV in Malaysia.

However, the question we want to help you solve today is “How to watch Netflix in Malaysia” as it remains a mystery for many of you out there. Of course some of you might have stumbled upon the Video On Demand feature on Astro. But with an exorbitant price, a short timeline to watch that movie (within 48 hours) and limited range of movies, we assure you that signing up for Netflix is worth your while.

There are many ways to watch Netflix in Malaysia. Let us list them down below after the break

1) How To Watch Netflix In Malaysia : Don’t Be Illegal

Some of you might have been to our local Malaysian forum, Lowyat, and find some vendor peddling so-called really cheap Netflix accounts. In reality, we rather advice against that as it is not just illegal, but you might get yourself banned by Netflix for swindling the system.

Though Netflix allows you to have 2 simultaneous streaming televisions for just USD 12.99/month, running Netflix accounts in different households (while still using the original account), is illegal. By supporting those who are selling such a service, you’re depriving Netflix of income and supporting our pirates


2) How To Watch Netflix In Malaysia : The Proper Way

It isn’t hard to watch Netflix in Malaysia. If you have a HD TV and would like unlimited movies and TV series, Netflix is the best way to go forward. And it is really easy too. You would need the following

  • A TV with HDMI input
  • A Digital Media Player like Apple TV, Google ChromeCast, Amazon Fire TV Stick or Roku.[^1]
  • A DNS Service provider like Unotelly, Unblock US & Unlocator

Unlike what fear mongers might tell you, the process of setting up your DNS is simple. Some providers like Unotelly even provide you with the various steps to take on your device.

Read : Our always updated guide that will help you to easily get working Netflix USA in Malaysia. It includes the following

  • Difference between VPN & Smart DNS
  • Why Netflix USA and not just Netflix

How To Watch Netflix In Malaysia : The Conclusion

If you have your DNS setup well, you not only are able to watch Netflix, but Hulu, Crunchyroll, BBC, iTunes movies, ESPN and HBO, among others. If you are looking for the best way to watch Netflix, we have already laid it down for you. Now, do get started.

Sign up today for Netflix and a DNS provider

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  1. Hi Leo!
    Thanks for your article, I have finally managed to use Netflix at home and terminated astro service (expensive with 2 decoders). Great part is I don’t have to buy any additional hardware as I do it at both my smart TV (LG and Samsung) replacing both astro decoders previously. One problem that I face is that I got HD streaming on my LG but only SD on my Samsung. Been trying to solve it eg. direct LAN connection instead of wifi etc. but unsuccessful. Do you know the possible cause or any good websites that I can refer to? Been googling around with no success. Thanks in advance for your insights etc.

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