Anker Malaysia : The Best Power Bank You Can Buy in Malaysia

If you have followed our posts in the recent months, you would have noticed that we here at TechGarage have been ranting against fake power banks. After all, in a murky world of iPhone accessories in Malaysia, there has been many unknown brands springing up like wild fire. And sadly, most of the brands in the market aren't good enough, or like what we Malaysians like to say, "Tak boleh pakai-lah!"


If you are up for an experiment, try taking an early train down to Sungai Wang Plaza & Low Yat, the IT Hub of Klang Valley, if not Malaysia. And the problem would be, every single shop would have a variety of brands of various sizes and colours. And the retail assistant would regularly tell you that their brand is superior, even though you may not be able to Google any information about it.

Frankly speaking, most shop owners would rip you off if they could. After all, how many Power Banks / External USB Battery Pack / Portable Power units actually claim to have 20,000 mAh or 50,000 mAh, and don't really deliver? I mean, let's be fair and give it a performance rating of 75% of whatever they claim. As such, a 50,000 mAh rated Power Bank should be able to charge your iPhone 5s (which comes with a 1560 mAh battery) at least 24 times. Or charge your iPad Air (with the battery rated at 8827 mAh)  at least 4 times and still have some more.

Does high capacity and cheap price make a good power bank?

However, a look at Lelong and Lowyat tells us the extent of this dishonesty or to some "creativity". If it doesn't hurt the customers, could we as shop owners sell products that is misrepresented? Or do we ignore certain questions? Take a look at a screenshot below.

Be careful when buying a cheap power bank

Now, I've nothing against nicole8428, but why ignore the question of how many times could her 50,000 mAh rated power bank recharge the iPad, or the power saving iPad Air? Even if nicole8428 could produce a unit that could charge the iPhone 5s at least 24 times, could the seller assure that all the units in stock and also recently sold could produce the same amount of performance?

And it is this kind of misinformation or misrepresentation of information that we here at TechGarage is tired of, and would like to change. That is also the reason we wrote about buying cheap iPhone accessories and the dangers of it. 

Here's a screenshot of Lelong's Battery Pack / Power Bank section.

fake power bank lelong
A multitude of fake and real power banks. The usual strategy taken by rogue shops.

More misinformation. Notice that every one on Lelong keeps saying that they are selling 'Genuine' Power Banks. The question would be then, could the Power Bank actually live up to the capacity test? I bet most of them won't be, as the simple but wise saying of, "What's too good to be true, isn't true"

TechGarage officially sells Anker Astro Power Banks/External Battery

If you were wondering if we were going to end here, hold on! We haven't yet announced the main news. We have tied up a deal with iSmartPower 1 , the official distributors to make TechGarage one of the official retailers of Anker for Malaysia. Now, you might wonder what is Anker, and what is the unique selling point of Anker.

anker 3 large
Anker Astro 3E. The most popular Anker Power Bank for 2013-2014. Comes with an industry leading 18 months warranty.

Anker Power Banks or better known as Anker External Battery Packs in the States, are well known power banks in the US. So much so that even prominent tech websites like LifeHacker, Huffington Post, Cult of Mac and TUAW featured Anker in their reviews. As such, Anker Power Banks does come fully tested and with an assuring 18 months warranty to boot. 18 months warranty doesn't cover abuse, but covers a one to one exchange. Not many other brands can boast such long warranty nor such good quality yet unpaid reviews. At least not 90% of the power banks listed on Lelong and Lowyat.

And no, Anker does not come with a 50,000 mAh Power Bank, not for now. After all, 50,000 mAh power banks might be in the range of a couple of hundreds of ringgit, which most consumers won't pay for.

What excites us on Anker is that Anker Power Banks performs as promised. Take for example, the popular Anker Astro 3E, which comes with a rated 10,000 mAh. With an efficiency rate of 75 to 80%, it promises at least four to five charges. And all Anker Power Banks comes with the same promise high efficiency rate. Of course, with a rated 500 charge cycles, the amount of times it could recharge our iPhone reduces as we use the Anker Power Bank more.

Compared to Xiaomi, Anker comes with features of a premium power bank, that Xiaomi doesn't provide. Just like comparing Xiaomi smartphone handsets vs iPhones. With the difference in price, comes the difference in quality.

Is Anker the Best Power Bank brand worldwide?

And the praise lavished on Anker's Power Banks isn't minor. Here's some of it.

Lifehacker : Many of you who nominated Anker's various external batteries praised them for portability, high capacity and small size, price point, and while not all of them can be charged via USB on their own
: This past Sunday, I had a chance to run the setup through its paces. I used my phone for web surfing in the morning, GPS tracking for a run, and photo editing throughout the day. By the time I was done with my run, my battery was at 44%. Throughout the day, as I noticed the battery usage dipping, I simply plugged in the phone to the battery and dropped it the man bag I was carrying. At the end of the day, I had 88% battery left on the phone, and 3 out of 4 bars still lit on the Anker backup battery.

I'm sold. For someone who uses his cell phone for a heck of a lot, this may be my best purchase in a long, long time.
: Overall, this device is a must-have for anyone that is away from the convenience of a charger regularly during the day. The device is a piece of art in how it functions. As of the time this post was published, the device has stellar reviews, and for those that did not like the device, it seems as if there was a refund or replacement provided by the company. From what I can tell, Anker is a great company that makes quality products. 9/10

The Anker Astro 3. Comes with industry leading efficiency and performance. Plus 18 months of warranty.
: Is the Anker Astro 3 worth your time and money? Absolutely! If you are away from a power source regularly you can’t beat this much power for the price. The added benefits of it being able to charge more than just your phone and even give you some extra life on your Laptop when you might desperately need it, we have to highly recommend the Astro 3 : Because of its powerful recharging and multi-service capabilities, the Astro3 has become my new external battery of choice, displacing Just Mobile's Gum Max as my top product recommendation. While the Astro3 isn't perfect, it's price, performance, and feature set provide a unique combination that is hard to beat. I'll be looking forward to the third generation of this product to see if some of the issues are addressed. But even with those criticisms, if you're a multi-device iOS user with frequent recharge power needs, the Astro3 is the battery for you.

The Travel Insider
: The Anker Astro 3 is a well designed, well made, and very versatile and useful unit, all offered at a very fair price.

The Anker™ 12 Ah capacity is not the highest out there, indeed, there is a 15 Ah capacity Anker unit also available, but its 4A charging rate is the fastest charging rate, and 12 Ah is probably sufficient for most purposes – almost another full charge on an iPad or more than five recharges for most smart phones.  Enough for a busy day or two, or a long series of flights.


Android Police : There is very little negative I can say about this battery. For almost all intents and purposes, it's a great unit. It charges devices very fast, has industry-leading efficiency, and seems very well-built. 

anker unwrap
The unwrapping of the Anker Astro E4. Courtesy of Lester Chan of Singapore.

The Anker units would be arriving within one to two days time. As such, we are proud to be able to offer industry leading power banks here on DigitalDestiny. Together with the original Yoobao, whom we are getting from the official distributor, we feel that you as a reader, would have great choices over different price range and capacity.

Final word is, if you are looking for a quality and the best power bank that can last and perform, look no further than the Anker brand. Why save a bit when you can have something with the peace of mind.

Find out more at about Power Banks In Malaysia or just checkout our Anker range of products 🙂

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  1. First 2 years using it, very satisfied. After that, although charged more than 12 hrs, still can’t fully charge it. But still thinking of buying another anker power bank. What would you recommend if i prefer a lightweight, 10k mAh below rm200?

    • For lightweight – Anker Slim3
      For more ports – Astro 3
      For 2 ports with smaller size and charges fast – Astro E4 and PowerCore 10400

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