Why You Need A DNS Changer For Netflix In Malaysia

Hello there again! It has been awhile since our last update. Indeed, we were busy upgrading our skills in order to build you a better site and better serve you. For today, we’re talking on why you still need a DNS changer for Netflix in Malaysia.

In between our last post and now, Netflix has officially launched worldwide, and that includes Malaysia. That means we can all cut off our Astro bills and enjoy affordable TV on demand service. Except that if you’re just on Netflix, you’ll be missing out on a host of movies and TV series exclusively available in other parts of the world. You might even find your selection limited and boring after awhile.

More on why you need a DNS changer for Netflix after the break.

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Why is that so?

While Netflix has about fifteen thousand titles, majority of titles are for the US market, while newer or smaller markets like Malaysia has only about a thousand plus titles. This is due to issues like licensing and marketing rights that comes with various movies and TV series. After all, there are a lot of parties involved, including the holder of the rights to a location.

That’s where we come in to help you. With a DNS changer for Netflix in Malaysia, you’ll be able to easily change your country at will. (well, not exactly. You still have to restart your device after) This will ensure you get the most out of Netflix ever increasing and changing catalog of titles. And also get to view some of the Netflix Originals, which will not be on the official Netflix Malaysia account.

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Is is illegal?

Not so. While it is illegal to hack into Netflix, download torrents of movies and TV series or to pay less by sharing account between multiple friends/strangers. Using the DNS changer is a widely accepted practice that enables you movies and TV series from other regions without doing anything illegal.

Is it difficult to install?

The process of installing Netflix unto your TV need not be a difficult one. With an Apple TV device, you can easily ensure Netflix gets on your TV easily. Alternatives include things like Roku, Google ChromeCast and Amazon Fire TV. We would recommend you get an Apple due to the fact that Apple does not produce new models every 6 months. Apple also comes with proven software updates for a few years, as compared to lesser brands.

In our opinion, you could do well by staying clear of some unknown China brands you find in malls like Digital Mall and Low Yat. While they might come slightly cheaper, software updates and security is doubtful.

That’s it. If you’ve any doubts, just comment below and we’ll try our best to help you, short of sending you to Unotelly’s site for help. In this age and time, a Netflix which enables you to easily switch regions will enable you to save money 🙂

Do check out the link below.

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