The Comprehensive Photography Guide for Malaysia

If you are planning to enter photography, congratulations! The world of photography is an amazing world of capturing moments which would never return again. It is a richly rewarding hobby, but one filled with potential for expensive errors. That is why we here at TechGarage, give you the Comprehensive Photography Guide for Malaysia.

What is the Comprehensive Photography Guide for Malaysia?

In this guide, we will link up with the other guides we have previously written about photography and photography equipment here in Malaysia. With the Comprehensive Photography Guide for Malaysia, you will be able to find links to the various topics of interest, which would be kept up to date on a regular basis. Among the other things featured would be:

  1. How to look for and buy second hand camera gears
  2. Why you should only buy from trusted camera dealers
  3. What is the future of DSLR, amidst the evolution of smart phones
  4. Camera lenses for your first DSLR
  5. So on..

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Photography Guide for Malaysia : Buying products

Generally, unless you know what you want, it is common to get ripped off the first few times you buy some camera stuff in Malaysia. After all, information is scarce indeed. But with our Comprehensive Photography Guide for Malaysia, you can pitfalls commonly associated with new comers. Along with guides on purchasing, it also would give you “how-tos” and other tips to make your photography experience a smooth one.

General Purchase Guides

In our general purchase guides, we guide you on choosing the best gears for your photography needs. Among those in this photography guide for Malaysia includes best locations to look for stuff and where to NOT look for stuff.

Camera Lenses

Camera lenses are crucial for mirrorless and interchangeable lens cameras. Thus, cameras such as Olympus and Fuji, other than Canon and Nikon, needs good lenses in order for you to shoot certain shots.

Camera Bags

Get a good camera bag and it would save you a lot of problems later on. Get a bad camera bag, and you might end up with back aches, slipped discs and bags breaking down at the worst moments


Tripods are made for life, or at least long term. Get a good one if you could as that would save you money in the long run. Furthermore, tripods weigh a ton. You will literally feel the weight of the tripod if you go for long distance trips or hikes around town.

Camera Straps

Camera straps basically sits around your shoulder and the camera. With a good strap, you reduce the weight of the camera, while it helps you to shoot comfortably and quickly.

Other Camera Accessories

Sometimes, we find that we need more than just the basic camera accessories. That is where the other camera accessories come in. Read on our photography guide for Malaysia to find out what you might be missing out to put the extra in your shots


Photography Guide for Malaysia: Taking Photos