How to get working Netflix USA in Malaysia

Looking for the best guide to watch Netflix USA in Malaysia? Have you been reading up reviews by other so-called “VPN Experts” that keeps pushing you to go for a VPN service instead of a Smart DNS? Read on as we bring you the always updated and always working guide to have American Netflix in your country. And we answer the question of choosing between the VPN vs Smart DNS provider.

Netflix landed in Malaysia and 130 odd countries back in January 2016.1 However, what was meant to be the turning point in our after work recreational schedule, ended up as a disappointment. To the horror of many, TV series and movies available on the American version of Netflix, were not available. Their plans to replace Astro with Netflix seemingly gone with the wind.

But is it really like that? Having successfully watched Netflix for the last 5 years, I beg to differ. Rather, if you’re one of those affected with switching to Netflix USA / America, perhaps all you need is a better guide to watching Netflix USA in Malaysia. The always working guide that gets updated from someone in Malaysia.

Watch Netflix USA in Malaysia : An Introduction

There is a huge difference between Netflix Malaysia and Netflix USA in Malaysia. One has a meagre amount of movies and TV series, while the other has an always updated catalogue that service providers like HyppTV and Astro find hard to compete. The key lies in the selection. And it’s this selection that Netflix has been trying to protect by disabling certain VPN providers and DNS changing services.

But why protect? Well, a lot of shows that you see on Netflix is licensed. And the licensing either goes globally, regionally or by country. As America has 300 odd million people and a stronger currency, they are able to license some pretty awesome shows, like The Flash, Naruto and Breaking Bad.

In comparison, for smaller and poorer countries like Malaysia, licensing is an issue. Heck, we don’t even get our own Netflix TV series unlike Japan and their Japanese Netflix TV show.

Watch Netflix USA in Malaysia : VPN vs Smart DNS

A very crucial aspect of your Netflix watching (or binge watching experience, if you’re like myself), is whether you should go for a VPN vs Smart DNS service. In Malaysia, if you queried Google on watching Netflix USA in Malaysia, you’ll most probably get a list of VPN providers. But are VPN providers really good? How does the VPN service compare to a Smart DNS one?

VPN vs Smart DNS : Basis of operation

Netflix USA in Malaysia

To fully grasp the better choice between VPN and the Smart DNS, we need to know how they work. A VPN service is service where your data is tunnelled through a private network. So if you’re like doing some spy work or perhaps some KGB wannabe, VPN suits you best. And yes, KGB could also mean, KooGadgets Boy, as in someone who writes for us.

But jokes aside, a VPN service is slow. You can’t expect to tunnel some few hours of high-definition Netflix videos through some cheap, lifetime VPN service providers you found on some online review, do you? If you had already tried, don’t blame us for the choppy viewing on Netflix. And the constant stopping with a spinning wheel to signify Netflix is loading.

On a VPN, that might happen a couple of times during a movie or show. And that’s why between VPN or Smart DNS, I choose the Smart DNS option. (of which I’m now with Getflix)

The Smart DNS option doesn’t tunnel your traffic through any servers. It lets you assign DNS addresses to your internet connection. This effectively tells services like Netflix that you’re based in US and are able to get access to American based content.

This makes the Smart DNS option, faster than VPN. And your experience with Netflix? Flawless till you can much your popcorn till kingdom come. 🙂

VPN or Smart DNS : Secure your IP address

One thing that I’ve read when I check out other sites are the various recommendation for VPN instead of Smart DNS. This would be a mistake on your part, as VPN services usually comes with a quota. And even if they said it is unlimited, you’ll be throttled after a certain amount of band width.

In comparison, in the battle between the VPN vs Smart DNS, the Smart DNS does away with the restriction of trying to secure your IP. That way, the Smart DNS provider could do the following

  • Ensure you’re streaming at the fastest possible speed
  • Gives you better reliability when it comes to working with providers like BBC, CrunchyRoll and Netflix. Your show won’t go stuttering!
  • Cheaper prices for Smart DNS compared to similar VPN services.

Watch Netflix in Malaysia : The Conclusion

We’re embarking on a series of reviews to help you find out which DNS providers works and works well for the American Netflix channel Malaysia, Singapore and the rest of Asia. Do follow our series of articles to find out more.

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