Lowepro Camera Bag bashed but not broken

My first camera bag was a Lowepro. Bought in the famous Shong Lee camera shop in 1-Utama, the camera bag still faithfully serves me today. Back then, Lowepro was considered the most durable camera bag brand you could find, if you were looking for one. Then came the battalion of camera bags, Think Tank Photo, Vanguard, Tenba and the rest. All the sudden, Lowepro Camera Bag wasn’t the only camera bag brand in town anymore.

However, the main problem was always ownership. Ownership changes of Lowepro made it hard for the company to keep focus, as Lowepro went through a mini identity crisis, which thankfully is now solved. At one stage, photographers started switching away from Lowepro camera bags as the build quality dropped, while Lowepro started going after Crumpler’s bowl, with multi-coloured camera bags of funky shapes. On the other hand, Lowepro started losing out on professional photographers to Think Tank Photo, who preferred the higher build quality and thoughtfulness put into designing the bag.

But the old Lowepro is back and focused. For the last few years, Lowepro had worked hard to gain back the professional photographers. With the new X-series launched earlier this 2014, Lowepro released a series of roller camera bags built to withstand the harshest of conditions and beating you can throw at it.

lowepro roller-x camera bag
the Lowepro Pro Roller-X Camera Bag series was reintroduced in March 2014


And to proof this, Lowepro gives us a heart wrenching (not really) video of the Pro Roller-X being abused with a bottle of champagne inside it. And watch how safe your gear is as it comes out unscathed even though the bag would need to be retired from all its scars.

Check out the video as below. Would you buy a Lowepro Camera Bag after watching it? 🙂 Oh yeah, if you were looking for a guide to buy a camera bag in Malaysia, read our in-depth article here. And no, if this was a copy, the bottle would have broken. Lowepro has done and excellent job with the camera bag.


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