How to Shop?

We aren’t challenging your capabilities of purchasing online, but hey, we can all agree that sometimes it does help to have some clarification and clear directions no? Now if you have set your heart on one of our products, thank you very much for your support! You may proceed with the following steps. Happy shopping!


Step 1: Fill that cart with stuff you want!

On the right hand side of every product you click on, we have a green “I Want It” button. Click on the button to add your desired product to the cart!


Step 2: Make your way to pay!

When you are all done shopping, just simply click on “Check Out” to make your way to the virtual cashier for payment!

a) Coupon
Coupon? What coupon?

You will be more than excited to know that we actually issue out coupons on a regular basis just about whenever we feel like rewarding people like you! These coupons will plaster a discount on your purchases. So do look for our coupons in your Inbox!

b) Shipment charges

We believe in our shipping charges are pretty reasonable as we prefer to give you the best price, rather than having someone absorb the shipping charges and the nearer you are, the less encumbered you will be with shipping charges =)


Step 3: How do I pay?

a) Credit Card

We use Paypal to make it easier, and more importantly, safer for you credit card users. Simply fill in the details on the Paypal website and you’re done!

b) Manually

Like good ole’ blogshop style, we do provide a way for you to conveniently make a quick payment through bank-in or a quick transfer through Maybank2U. All you have to do after is simply send us your details and send us an email once your payment has been made!

Here are the details of our Maybank account


TechGarage Enterprise
Account Number : 512 334 309 259


Step 4: Wait excitedly for your new toy to reach your doorstep!

Be very happy to know that all the items you ordered with us will be shipped out, depending on the time you order, most cases on the same day or if you have unfortunately missed the 4pm mark, the next day.

We’re open:

Mondays – Fridays, 1000am – 530pm


Don’t hesitate to give us a ring  @ +603 2273 3662 if you need to ask anything. You can also drop us an email @   =)