Anker Power Bank Malaysia

Anker Power Banks are among the most well known in Malaysia. Anker, which was started by a bunch of ex-Google staff a few years back are one of the leading power bank brands worldwide. However, Anker isn't just a power bank company, as they also produce products like bluetooth speakers, cases, screen protectors and even replacement batteries for your smart phones and laptops.

In Malaysia, Anker is distributed by our friends, iSmartPower, while we're authorised resellers. If you came here wondering, why should I purchase an Anker product, do read the below

1) Anker Power Bank Malaysia : Leading Performance

Unlike competing brands, Anker power banks comes with a high efficiency rate of 70-80%. This comes from an internal circuit board efficiency of 92%, while approximately 15-20% energy is lost through the cable and via the device being charged. However, compared to its competitors, Anker performs at least 5% above average. 1 For higher end models like the Astro3, efficiency is about 80% onwards

The issue of performance is important as it enables you to charge your phones more times compared to a less efficient but similar capacity power bank.

2) Anker Power Bank Malaysia : Leading Warranty

Anker is so certain of their product that they are willing to put their money where it is worth. With most power banks, you would be looking for something between the range of 3 days to 3 months for grey sets, while branded power banks usually from with 3 to 12 months of warranty, with 6 months as the norm. However with Anker, purchasing from us means you will get an 18 months coverage from the date of purchase.

This is crucial as power banks have a higher chance of failing compared to normal electronics, as it involves battery cells, the type of wall charger used, the frequency of usage and also the handling of the power bank itself. With lesser warranty, you might have the power bank breaking down on you after a short period or even worse, at the moment when your warranty just runs out. Now, with Anker you are covered.

3) Anker Power Bank Malaysia : Charge More Devices

If you have more than two devices, you might want to consider some of our Anker power banks. Created mainly for multiple device users like yourself, at times we find ourselves limited by the two ports available on our power bank. No longer. With certain Anker models, you can charge three or more devices without the need for extra weight.

power IQ 2

4) Anker Power Bank Malaysia : Quicker Charging

Running out of power is frustrating. Even more so if you need to receive a call, or go out, but find your phone still haven't finished charging even though you've plugged it into the so-called branded power bank/wall charger you've bought from Lowyat. At times like this, perhaps finding the right product to suit your needs, helps.

Compared to a conventional USB port, with PowerIQ Anker power banks and wall chargers just charges faster than the competition. As Anker's top personnel came from ex-Googlers, other than just aesthetics, you can be sure that the power banks are well manufactured with leading technology.


There are a lot of power bank brands in Malaysia. If you are on a tight budget, perhaps an Anker would not suit you due to its higher price. But if you feel that buying a power bank is an investment and you would like the best power bank in town, Anker power banks and wall chargers might be the item you are looking for.



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