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Here’s the blog portion for Though it is obscured by the blog template, but it is still readable by our Yoast SEO engine, causing us to tell you more about this blog and why we blog.

Why we blog?


If you were wondering, why do we blog here on TechGarage, when we can focus on “more” important things like uploading more products and selling more. But that is no longer the case. I mean, Google no longer rewards, but penalises websites that upload products blatantly, following the manufacturer’s description. So yes, where do people get their details on the products? Via the blog of course.

We write because we love writing, and we love technology. TechGarage isn’t just an online store, nor for the sake of selling off unsold inventory, but a media company in the making. We see websites like Arstechnica and TechCrunch as our future. Add Amazon to the mixture and you get a funny media company, but ones that isn’t reliant on ads, but on selling products to monetise.

So yes, we write about technologies that inspire us, and for now, it’s Apple and its accessories. Why Apple then? Why not? It is one of the trailblazers and still is, in terms of the way we use technology. Before Apple came in, all we had were clunky mobile phones, with hard to get updates and expensive software to extend the capabilities of the smart phones. Blackberry was reigning (and still reigned for a few more years while they alienated key customers) and there wasn’t anything like the Apple App Store then.

And how about Tablets? They were large and clunky, with many dials. Not very smart nor elegant. But Apple came and changed all these. That is what we love writing and blogging about.

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