UnoTelly Review : Great SmartDNS Service

Have you heard of UnoTelly? If UnoTelly is a new name to you, read on as we bring you TechGarage’s review on UnoTelly and the various services that comes with it.

TL;DR, we have been avid users of Netflix in Malaysia for a year plus now. During that time, we have tried various DNS providers but still find UnoTelly the best in terms of performance and reliability. Let us explain further below.

UnoTelly Review : What Is UnoTelly?

Have you ever tried signing up for Netflix in Malaysia? Or Spotify back when it was only available in the US and limited European countries? If you have encountered statements like, ‘Sorry, this service is not available in your region’, you have encountered what we call as Geo-Blocking.

In the ancient days of internet, Geo-Blocking was an effective way of ensuring you don’t get great content available in other countries. Limitations placed by media and entertainment companies ensured that content shown on Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Vudu and various other content providers are limited by geographical location.

For Malaysians, it means having to pay through your nose for Astro TV to get TV series like Lost, Heroes and the likes, which are not aired on our national TV stations or aired on a weekly basis through a limited run. If you have lived in the United States or Europe and recently moved to Malaysia, watching movies and TV series then becomes and expensive chore, instead of a delight.

Astro PVR
Astro TV’s PVR is only limited to 7 days. Also, you can only binge on TV series that has been recorded.

On Astro, you would need to record the TV series to be able to view it later. What if you are a binge TV watcher like me? As such, it would be impossible to binge through TV series as it would need to be recorded before we can watch it. If you have something on or if you go on a holiday, there goes your Astro recording session. After all, the Astro TV PVR (personal video recorder) only records up to 7 days in advance.

Watching video on demand movies and TV series on Netflix and Hulu is much more affordable than Astro (who charges on a set/individual title basis). Netflix has also produced some popular Netflix Original TV series which could be bought on Apple TV or limited third-party sources. However, we could continue telling you the joys of having an unblocked Netflix account, but let us start with the first step.

Unblocking Netflix used to be a massive problem until software services like UnoTelly to remove Geo-Blocking came into play. Still unsure what UnoTelly is? In layman terms, UnoTelly enables you to enjoy services like Netflix and Hulu in blocked countries like Malaysia, saving you hundreds of ringgit every month on subscription TV like Astro. If you consider using UnoTelly and Netflix for three years, you would have saved around RM 5k! That’s a pretty amount to start with.

Get massive amount of channels unblocked with UnoTelly
Get massive amount of channels unblocked with UnoTelly

UnoTelly Review : Five Reasons To Switch To UnoTelly

We were contacted by UnoTelly to do a review on their service and it took some time as we wanted to test UnoTelly on a daily basis. Having said that, we switched from a different provider and found that UnoTelly doesn’t give us the periodical lag that the other provider occasionally does. But lest we spill the beans, let us start with the five reasons you should get UnoTelly.

1) UnoTelly is fast – We have used a few different Smart DNS providers before this, only to experience movies hanging halfway through our viewing. At times, we get the perpetual spinning wheel on the TV as the movie on Netflix freezes or gets choppy This hasn’t happen once on UnoTelly, which is exceptional.

2) UnoTelly doesn’t limit you to a bandwidth  – If you are worried about being limited to certain amount of bandwidth (like some VPN services), you won’t have to worry about that with UnoTelly. At times, we have streamed hours of Netflix movies and TV series and suffered no lag. Also, unlike traditional VPN services, UnoTelly is much faster as they do not sit in the middle of your connection.

3) UnoTelly Dynamo rocks – If you have Netflix, you would know that Netflix shows you different movies and TV series based on your country (for Netflix enabled countries). As such, instead of driving / flying all the way to the UK or South America for your favorite TV show, just use UnoTelly’s Dynamo and you’ll be able to stream some awesome TV series immediately.

4) Wide amount of channels – Being veteran SmartDNS users, we found UnoTelly’s offering of many channels a boon for Apple TV users. Unlike other SmartDNS services, UnoTelly offers among the widest set of unblocked channels. At the time of writing, UnoTelly offers 339 channels (as of the time of writing) for you to subscribe to.

5) UnoVPN is affordable – If you are looking for privacy, you might want to consider grabbing a VPN service as you surf. However, standalone VPN services could cost up to USD 4.99 per month or even more, depending on the length and type of contract you sign up with. In comparison, UnoTelly’s VPN service comes very affordable as you only pay USD 4.93 per month if you sign up for an annual contract.

UnoTelly Review : Conclusion

In writing this UnoTelly review, just like other reviews, we at TechGarage are impartial to the brand. However, after using UnoTelly for a while (and being distracted from blogging for January), we are back with a vengeance and whole heartedly recommend UnoTelly for you. As the economy of Malaysia suffers this 2015 and the ringgit drops to its worst performance in a very long time, household austerity measures goes a long way in ensuring long-term financial viability for you and your family.

As such, switching to Netflix with a reliable SmartDNS provider like UnoTelly should be something everyone should consider. We have seen many friends and readers switching over and saving hundreds, if not thousands every year. Why don’t you give it a try?

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