Saving Money On Expensive Astro Malaysia

If you have been subscribing to Astro Malaysia, you would have realised that Astro Malaysia’s monthly charges is expensive. As such, our guide would be to help you find a way to save on expensive Astro Malaysia charges. In our other posts, you would have found that we have written about Astro alternatives like Netflix and Hulu. While we’ve left out channels like ESPN, HBO and the rest, be assured a guide will come soon.

Expensive Astro Malaysia : Why so?

Astro is indeed expensive when you compare it to online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO and even Crunchyroll. The problem with Astro is that the basic packages starts around RM 85 monthly compared to USD 8.99 monthly for Netflix and Hulu.

Astro Malaysia expensive packages

Expensive Astro Malaysia : Lacking Features

And only at higher levels such as the SuperPack are you able to get stuff like Recording Service, which enables you to set and record your favourite movies and TV shows. However, it is still a weak solution for a service many times more expensive than Netflix/Hulu/Crunchyroll/HBO which allows you to click, stream and pause at your convenience.

Why must you be encumbered with trying to remember to record your favourite show? To be frank, there were times it is frustrating to find out I’ve missed an episode due to work. But with streaming services, all these aren’t a problem.

Expensive Astro Malaysia : Because Saving Is Good

Another reason why we recommend you to consider changing providers is because of the price. Even though you might be earning a five figure income, saving is good. However, if you are like the majority of us and earn less than the payable income tax, then saving on something non-essential becomes wise.

If you compare the situation in the US, cable TV providers are seeing their sales drop for the last few years. After all, with a viable alternative in the form of streaming providers, the American household prefers to save than to spend.

Also, the Malaysian economy seems to be doing worse in the recent months with revelations of the 1MDB scandal and huge national debts. That would be another good reason for you to start saving for the rainy day as you never know if you need the money in the future.

  1. Here’s what you can save if you skip something like the Super Pack 4 for 5 years – RM 8776.80
  2. If you factor in the cost of Netflix (USD 8.99) and a DNS changer like Unotelly or Unlocator (USD 4.95), your total expenses would only amount to USD 836 in five years!
  3. If you minus the cost of Netflix from the savings you make from Astro’s Super Pack, your savings would be around RM 5k or more, depending on the conversion rate.

Expensive Astro Malaysia : Conclusion

If you find Astro Malaysia expensive or if you’re looking for a legal but very viable alternative, perhaps Netflix and Hulu would be a great fit for you.

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