Kelly Moore : A Quest For Style, Functionality and Fun


A few months ago, some of us decided that some of the camera bags in the market can be a real drag and that we need to find something that we can comfortably use on a casual Saturday evening shoot. Well, guess what?

We found Kelly Moore.

Some of you may not have heard of Kelly Moore. The brand is actually named after its owner, Miss Kelly Moore herself; who is the designer of these gorgeous bags cum professional photographer. I personally am a fan of her work. Her portraiture shots are always so expressive and captivating!

Now, here is a  fun fact about Kelly: She and her husband are both Kellys! Back home, their relatives and friends would call Kelly’s husband Kelly Boy. Hence births the Kelly Boy collection for men! The Kelly Boy collection comes in 4 colours: black, mustard or caramel, grey and brown. The first time I opened up the box of bags delivered to our office, I instantly fell in love with the mustard coloured one! Have a looksie for yourself:

 Kelly Boy (profile)




 kellyboybrown inside


It’s stylish. It’s cleverly disguised. There is honestly nothing in the market that is anything like it. And quite frankly, I’m really impressed by the quality of these bags. It’s well-thought out, well designed by a photographer for photographers.

What is really good about the Kelly Boy is the customizable compartments. It has a compartment especially made for laptops. So on a regular day when you aren’t out there shooting, you can remove these customizable compartments to fit your notepads, I Pads, stationeries, Tuesdays with Morrie, whatever.


Customers came back to us saying that they loved it. All in all, worth the buy.


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