How To Solve Your Netflix USA Error 139

If you have been streaming Netflix on your Apple TV or other devices for some time, only to suddenly get an error 139, don’t worry, we have your back. Recently, Netflix started a crackdown on certain Smart DNS providers like UnoTelly and Unblock-US, making streaming on Apple TV a frustrating affair.

With a lack of answers and much frustration, we suddenly stumbled upon the answer. Check it out after the break!

Netflix USA Error 139 : Introduction

Netflix just went global not too long ago (from the writing of this article). As such, they have been busy litigating various DNS providers in the US to stop them from providing customers the ability to bypass Netflix’ Geoblocking software. We don’t blame them as Netflix is bounded by their contract to these providers and as such, will have to continue enforcing them until a global contract could be reached.

Like you, I am an avid subscriber to Netflix. Until it stopped working one day with the 139:NFErr_MC_AuthFailure showing prominently on my TV screen for some movies and TV series. Interestingly, the shows that are permitted in Malaysia doesn’t show any error 139!

So I restarted the TV, did all sorts of things to ‘try’ to fix the error. But nothing happened. It was all in vain, until I remembered about Getflix. Unlike UnoTelly (which is US based as faces US litigation)1, Getflix is based in Australia and still advertises the ability to watch Netflix, Hulu and other Geoblocked programs here in our Asian shores.

Yes, I’m talking about you guys in Singapore and Indonesia! You can watch Netflix USA instead of having to watch Netflix Singapore or Netflix Indonesia!

So, how do we solve the issue? Check out our troubleshooting guide and the ultimate step to take, below.

Netflix USA Error 139 : Solving the problem

If you have reset your Apple TV, updated your DNS but still face the error 139, it just means your DNS provider might have been blacklisted by Netflix and might need some time to fix the issue. That also means that until then, you only have access to shows and movies that are licensed to your country.

There are two ways to solve the issue. The first would be to get a different device. Unlike the Apple TV, Roku has no issues with the error 139 that happens due to the DNS provider. Perhaps other devices like Google’s ChromeCast and TV sets like the Sony Bravia or Samsung, has no issues as well.

The second way would be to switch DNS providers, which was what I did. I started out Getflix, configured it on both my laptop and Apple TV, and with fingers crossed, I restarted the Apple TV. Then I clicked on some Hong Kong movie that could not work previously. And voila! It works!

Netflix USA Error 139 : Conclusion

If you are on Netflix USA via a VPN or DNS changer and have encountered the Netflix USA Error 139 or in longer term, 139:NFErr_MC_AuthFailure, switch over to Getflix today and the issue will be solved.

Check out Getflix below

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