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Don't run out of power anymore

If you are a heavy user of your phone, you might find yourself running out of power before the day is up, missing vital calls or even emergency ones. Sometimes, you wish your smart phone had more battery. Why put yourself in such a situation? Get a power bank today

Get more power for your phone

Fast Charging Times

If your smart phone permits, our power bank smartly detects and charge them at the maximum charging rates (depending on model)


Works with iPhone, iPad and even Android phones

Can our power banks work with your smart phones? Definitely so. Unless stated on the product page, our power banks works well with any smart phones out there


Official Warranty Provided

All our power banks are sourced locally, ensuring you have a peace of mind. With Anker power banks having 18 months of warranty (and 12 months for Yoobao), you can be assured of a trouble free purchase


Best Power Bank Malaysia

If you are looking for a power bank in Malaysia or just Googled 'power bank Malaysia' and came here, don't worry, you have arrived at the right place. At TechGarage, we not only sell power banks, but we believe in helping you understand how to choose a power bank.

You see, like yourself, we have bought power bank duds from various shops in famous shopping malls like Digital Mall and Low Yat. However, after some frustration with power banks that just don't work, we decided to get into the power bank business ourselves.

We have written much resource in order to help you find a power bank that suits your need, whether you are a power user or just someone who needs something light in order to recharge your phone.

Running out of power for your smart phone isn't good. However, running out of power at the wrong time can be disastrous. Especially when Malaysian public phones are badly maintained and hard to find.

That is why it is important to keep not just a power bank with you, but a good power bank at all times. TechGarage aims to be your source of power bank Malaysia, to be the place where you can come and ask us questions and get yourself an original, quality power bank that just works and charges your phone / device flawlessly.

Get yourself the best power bank in Malaysia now!



'Have had 5 power bank before I bought this, most of them can only provide one time full recharge for my xperia z, some even cannot although it claimed that is 20000 mAh. Now I am using this Anker 12000 mAh to charging my phone for the 4th time (each time when my phone reached 30%) and I decided to write my reviews to share my satisfaction', Kim. L

'High quality product and user friendly purchase system. Item delivered on time thumbs up!', Hafiz A.

'I dont think I can find a better powerbank than Anker's. Prior to purchasing the Astro 3 12000mAh, I went through the internet for reviews and if not all then most of them gave positive feedbacks. I just wish TechGarage would bring in more Anker products such as the iPad keyboards and the USB hubs. Would love to buy them.', Syazrin N.

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