Learn guitar easily with iOS app Capo touch

If you have always been interested in learning guitars, and find it hard to get proper chords for popular songs, Capo Touch, the newly released iOS app by SuperMegaGroovy ensures that you get to practice your guitar, instead of spending time trying to transcribe the song or download unreliable chords from the net, which could be tedious and full of error.

Learn Guitar Easily : The Capo touch difference

Capo touch is based on the Eddy Award winning software, Capo 3 for Mac. It features the ability to slow down your music, transpose your keys, chord boxes in which you can choose the different chord shapes that best suits you, and synchronisation with your Capo 3 for Mac. Best of all, would be the auto chord detection, which is new to the Capo touch iOS app.

capo touch

Read on below for Capo touch’s official description and the testimony from Mark Altecruse, a guitar teacher and member of the Hex Orchestra. Also included below is the video of Capo 3 in action. We can’t find any video of Capo touch yet.

Capo touch offers musicians the same power and versatility they have on the Mac with Capo 3 in an even more portable design. The app features the essential tools of instantly importing a song from your iTunes library, automatically detecting its chords, and showing how to play them using helpful guitar chord boxes. It can slow down the tempo without changing pitch while you learn, and transpose the song to any key with a simple pitch slider. Optional metronome, looping, EQ and “karaoke-style” voice reduction make Capo 3 and now Capo touch valuable tools for musicians whether in the studio, rehearsal or on tour.

“Capo is a remarkable app. I have been teaching guitar for many years and I often spend too much of the lesson time transcribing songs from MP3s my students bring to the lesson that they want to learn. Capo is an amazing tool as it will generate chord progressions from mp3 files quickly so I can spend the lesson time on chord voicing, solo’s and nuance—a huge advantage for the students and for me. I can’t wait for my students to start bringing Capo files to the lessons so we can spend all of our time creating—not copying.”
—Mark Altecruse, Guitar teacher and member of Hex Orchestra

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