Rdio goes freemium

If you are a music lover, like us, you would probably have heard of Rdio, the (best) music streaming service has recently just moved to freemium model. That means like Spotify, Rdio now goes free with ads thrown in with their latest update.

Facebook acquires WhatsApp for $16 Billion

In a shock announcement, Facebook just acquired WhatsApp, the popular messaging service for a cool $16 billion. Documents filed with the US SEC confirmed the purchase. As with Instagram, the WhatsApp team will operate independently from Facebook. There will be also an extra USD 3 billion in restricted stocks to WhatsApp employees.

Final Fantasy VI now on iOS

The long-awaited Final Fantasy VI has now been released for the iOS Appstore on the 5th of February. Being regularly voted among the best of the Final Fantasy series, the sixth in the Final Fantasy instalment promises a great time of fun and one of the best RPG games on the iOS for 2014.

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