Further Understanding iPhone 6 Plans Malaysia

If the previous article on the Cheapest and Best iPhone 6 Plans didn’t fulfil some of your questions, here we are with the next set of tables for the iPhone 6 plans in Malaysia. In this set of tables, we will show you the free talk time and top up plans for various telco providers. This is crucial as most people buying the iPhone 6 would be easily swayed by either the price of the phone or the amount of free talk time.

As we have mentioned in our previous article, there is no perfect plans but plans that suit your needs. On our side, we come from the perspective of a heavy internet user. As such, plans that have a good amount of data and a flexible data top up plan suits our needs the best. For others, you might be in sales and thus a plan that gives you unlimited phone calls like the MaxisOne plan would be better.

Before we continue, please find the table after the break

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  • * = Celcom’s free minutes talk time actually comes from the monthly commitment. Thus, the more smses you send out, the less talk time you have.
  • ** = DiGi’s free 100 minutes of talk time are only for new iDiGi subscribers who are buying their iPhone 6 and postpaid plan from DiGi. It is not available for existing customers
  • on-net = Same network (i.e : Maxis to Maxis)
  • all-net = Telco Provider to all networks (i.e : Maxis to Celcom/DiGi/Maxis)

Looking at the table above, you can see that while Celcom’s plans are more beneficial to needing mobile internet, Maxis’ plans are more towards those needing more talk time and DiGi is trying to be a combination of both.

maxis iphone 6 plans

Understanding iPhone 6 Plans : Limitations of DiGi

While DiGi’s plans are indeed tempting, DiGi comes with the least amount of coverage when compared to both Maxis and Celcom. DiGi also has very limiting data top up plans (or better known as postpaid internet top up on DiGi’s site). While the Maxis and Celcom allows for 30 days top up if you finish your plan too soon, DiGi’s postpaid top up only lasts 5 days. So if you have accidentally downloaded a few updates and watched some Youtube videos, causing your internet to dry out, be prepared to keep topping up every few days.

Understanding iPhone 6 Plans : Is it worth it to get an expensive plan?

Looking at our current economic climate, the cost of the most expensive plans for all three telco providers are RM 5712 (Celcom), RM 5712 (DiGi) and RM 6000 (Celcom). Moreover, the price difference of the iPhone with plan, between the two extremes (cheapest and most expensive plans) for the various telcos only come up to one thousand six hundred or so ringgit. As such, unless you need that much of phone calls, don’t invest in an expensive plan. Though you might be able to afford it now, think about saving for the rainy day.

Understanding iPhone 6 Plans : Heavy on phone calls? Switch to Maxis

It is interesting to note that the various telcos have some sort of pattern in play. While Celcom comes with better internet data plans, their phone calls are the most expensive of the bunch once you go above the RM 108 per month barrier. However, with the next level of plans starting from RM 148/mo (DiGi), RM 168/mo (Celcom) and RM 155/mo (Maxis), the MaxisOne plan becomes ever more viable.

Also, if you need more internet, you can easily top up and enjoy 30 days access with your newly purchased data.

Celcom vs Maxis : The better iPhone 6 Plan?

We unfortunately have to put DiGi out of the race due to the various limitations outlined above. While Celcom comes with more internet data upfront, Maxis comes with better talktime.  However, you could purchase an iPhone 6 for much less if you are on Maxis. For us, while we like Celcom’s internet plans, Celcom’s unwillingness to drop the prices of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus when the customer signs up for a more expensive plan is a dampener.

Instead, Maxis comes across as better suited if you are looking for a well-balanced iPhone 6 plan.

Our advice?

For us, the Maxis iValue 1 seems like a decent deal with a good discount on the phone (over a two-year contract) . Though the difference in data is 2GB compared to Celcom’s First Prime RM 98 plan, the price difference for the popular iPhone 6 plan is RM 379. In comparison, if you need to top up your data, the price for 2GB is only RM 25 for 30 days. The Maxis iValue 1 offers superior talk time, both to other Maxis users and to other networks.

However, we cannot conclude that Maxis is definitely superior to Celcom. In the long run, telco providers like Celcom, DiGi and Maxis hope to keep you as a long-term customer. As such, would the plan benefit your habits and savings even after your contract is over? Do not just get a plan from a telco provider just because the phone is in stock as you might regret your impulse purchase when the bill arrives later.

What do you think are the best iPhone 6 plans? Do share your thoughts below.

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