Cheapest And Best iPhone 6 Plans Malaysia

If you are considering getting an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, look no further. We here at TechGarage have compiled the list of iPhone 6 plans for your usage and yes, it is an interesting one. For starters, with the raft of plans available from all three telco providers and the variations compared to 2013, it can be confusing and hard to look for the best deal according to our needs.

After all, if you are a light user, perhaps you would prefer a lower commitment plan. Or if you make a lot of phone calls, perhaps a plan that caters for that or caters for unlimited phone calls would be better. Finally, if you need to use much data, then finding a complimentary plan would help.

Before we continue, here is the dynamic table for iPhone 6 plans from the three major telcos in Malaysia, namely Celcom, DiGi and Maxis. If you are however, considering general postpaid mobile plans for Malaysia, perhaps our other article here would help you.

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As you can see, there has been major changes within the various telco iPhone 6 plans, especially for Celcom and DiGi. For Celcom, while they previously offered the mAdvance and mPro, Celcom has now decided to instead go with their Celcom First Prime Plans, which makes it easier for existing customer who are more familiar with the Celcom First Prime packages.

Apple iPhone 6 | Maxis 2014-11-08 12-20-31

DiGi instead changed their naming policy to suit their plans. While iDiGi 88 meant a RM 60 per month plan in 2013, the iDiGi 50 really means RM 50 per month. The revamp in DiGi’s plans also means that they now have the most amount of plans available and offers the most amount of data. However DiGi’s decision to separate data into bundled internet and bundled iDiGi Apps means that you only get a portion of the data for surfing, while the rest would be used for your Facebook, iTunes, Twitter, FaceTime and iMessage. Or anything else which isn’t WhatsApp or normal internet.

Maxis’ prices are still expensive, in our humble opinion. While Maxis offers generous talk time, in the age where internet penetration is improving, having only 4GB of data for RM 155 per month isn’t a very good bargain.


Best iPhone 6 Plans Malaysia : Cheapest iPhone For Heavy Users

If you are a heavy user, then DiGi and Maxis does give you the cheapest price for money. However, if you are a light user, you will need to know that these plans are 24 months. As such, they can be pretty expensive on the wallet if you don’t use that much of data or phone calls. In comparison, if you really do need to make a lot of phone calls, why don’t you go for the MaxisOne unlimited phone calls and sms plans? It’s considerably cheaper than either one.

Best iPhone 6 Plans Malaysia : Best Value For Phone Calls

If you are heavy on phone calls, the MaxisOne Plan would be the best value for money. At only RM 158 per month, it is the only one with unlimited phone calls and SMS to all telco providers.

Celcom 2014-11-08 12-18-48

Best iPhone 6 Plans Malaysia : Most Amount Of Data below RM 100/month

If data is your thing, then Celcom’s First Prime 98 would be your best plan. Blessed with a generous 4GB of data as compared to both Maxis’ iValue 1 and DiGi Telecommunication’s iDiGi 78, which only offers 2GB of data respectively. (3GB for DiGi if you include the data for apps, but you can’t use it for surfing the internet)


Best iPhone 6 Plans Malaysia : Best Value for Data

Again, Celcom wins this hands down. With a generous 6GB of data for only RM 128 per month compared to both DiGi and Maxis, which could be easily twice the price for 6GB. Also, DiGi’s network isn’t good when you go to small towns in East Malaysia. As such, we recommend Celcom for their affordable data plans.

By the way, both Celcom and Maxis offers unlimited data if you have reached your limit.

I have a better plan. Should I switch?

If you are on a legacy plan which provides unlimited data, by all means don’t switch! Or better, if you plan to switch, perhaps you could pass us your unlimited data plan. But jokes aside, if you have a better plan that this, the savings from your old, legacy plan, would be better than saving a few hundred ringgit for a new iPhone 6.

How about talktime and the cost of the different plans?

We did a follow up article to help you further understand the various differences in iPhone 6 Plans and also talk time. Also included are the total costs for the various plans by the different telco providers and our take on choosing between DiGi, Maxis and Celcom. If you need more information, read more here.


Best iPhone 6 Plans Malaysia : Conclusion

As we mentioned earlier, the best plan depends on your needs. If you are always at home or in the office, and you use the WiFi most of the time, without even coming close to your current data package, perhaps the best plan would be something cheap monthly. If you make a lot of phone calls, but both you and your receiver have good WiFi, perhaps you might even consider using FaceTime or Skype in the future. It’s equally as good (with WiFi) and it’s free.

What do you feel about the plans above? Join our discussion with your comments below 🙂


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