Understanding Power Banks : Yoobao vs Anker

If you are shopping for Power Banks, names such as Anker and Yoobao might be common place to you, especially here in Malaysia. While Yoobao is an established brand, Anker is a fast growing brand which had garnered much recognition from top sites such as LifeHacker and others. However, in places like the United States and Europe, the Yoobao brand might not be as established.

Yoobao YB-6016 Magic Wand Power Bank
Yoobao YB-6016 Magic Wand Power Bank

As the market is already saturated with many brands, most of them unknown and hardly ever found in the States, we are concerned that these brands might instead be fly by night companies, who would then rebrand their offering and packaging once it is proven they don’t work. Of course, among these brands sold, some are indeed good quality and comes with reasonable support and warranty from the manufacturer.

Also, most of us tend to get bamboozled over the so called features, numbers and stuff on the box or whatever the sales person of the Smart Phone/IT shop has been telling us. It can be really easy to be confused and then, we could just end up with a low end Power Bank for the price of the best in the market.

On our end, we sell and promote both Anker and Yoobao. So yes, it is important to regularly update you, our reader and customer, on the comparison between the features and prices of the various models we have in store. For this purpose we would compare various popular models of both brands for Power Bank capacities above 10,000mAh. It would help you weigh the pros and cons of both brands and decide.

The Easy Comparison Table Guide

Before the comparison table, let us explain the various terms used in the comparison table.

    1. Capacity and Efficiency Rate– Total amount of charge held by Power Bank. This is also influenced by efficiency rate, hence the reason we put it in. Thus let’s say if the Power Bank has a genuine capacity of 12,000mAh, but an efficiency of only 50%, means when you charge your Smart Phone or device, it only is able to output 6,000mAh. That is able to charge your iPhone about 3 and a half to 4 times from zero.However, if your Power Bank has a capacity of 12,000mAh and an efficiency rate of 80%, it means it has an effective charge of 9,600mAh, and should be able to charge your iPhone 6 times from zero. However, not all that claim to have high capacity batteries actually do so. There are many shops selling you up to 50,000mAh (for now), and we are very sure these are highly inflated numbers. Read up more here on Fake Power Banks.
    2. Output Port – The output port is one of the most crucial component of the your Power Bank. We can have a large capacity unit, but with only 1 output port that pumps out at 1A. This makes it really slow for your Smart Phone or Device to be fully charged soon. In this aspect, Anker beats Yoobao and most players in the market. Read up on Anker3’s minor update with the Power IQ port, and why we are so excited about it.
    3. Input Port – Equally as important is the input port. If you have a large capacity Power Bank, but your input port can only take in 1A at 5 Volts, it would mean a charging time of up to 12 to 14 hours. Not very advisable if you are always on the go. In this sense, for Yoobao vs Anker, they stack up really well.


The Yoobao vs Anker comparison table

[table id=5 /]

If you noticed from the table above, the Yoobao Power Banks comes slightly cheaper, while Anker’s comes with more ports, which could charge beyond the 2.1A that Yoobao could. Called the Power IQ port, Anker promises the fastest charging rate your smart phone or tablet could charge at, as long as it is below 4A (it’s maximum output. Take a look at the illustration below for a better understanding.

And Anker Astro3 Power Bank now comes with the Power IQ port, which promises some of the fastest charging time you can find

Ultimately, the choice between the Yoobao vs Anker boils down to personal preference and it isn’t a battle of brands, and never will be. We are as happy selling you the latest Yoobao or the latest Anker. You might fall in love with the Astro Slim3 design, or prefer the pastel tones on the Yoobao Magic Wand Power Bank. We would not push you to a Yoobao nor an Anker, but will present you with information for you to decide on 🙂

By the way, you might want to get a copy of the Anker or Yoobao Power Bank via the product links below

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