Anker Power Bank Astro3 gets minor upgrade

If you haven’t heard of the one of the best selling Anker Power Banks in Malaysia, the Anker Astro3, which comes with 12,000mAh of juice for your smart phones and tablets, then you would like this. The already popular Anker Astro3 Power Bank will now come with three Power IQ ports, instead of the previous one Smart Power IQ port.

Now, you might ask, what is the big deal of a Smart Power IQ port, or even worse, what’s the big deal of the Anker Power Bank, the Astro3? After all, aren’t there tons of Power Banks out there in the market?

So let’s tackle the more important question first. Why the Anker Power Bank, especially the Astro3? If you are a Malaysian living in Klang Valley, you probably have been to many smart phone accessories shop. Perhaps places like Lowyat Plaza, Digital Mall, Sungai Wang Plaza and 1 Utama to say the least. And among some of the shops, you find hardly heard of Power Banks with ridiculous figures like 50,000mAh being bundled around for close to two hundred ringgit.

cheap power bank
And it says 50,000mAh. I doubt it will recharge your iPhone5s thirty times, or even twenty.

We previously wrote about this here, on identifying fake power banks in Malaysia. Do read it up, and give us feedback if you have some.

And then yes, on the Anker Power Banks, read here on why we stand by our claim that Anker Power Banks are the best Power Banks in the market (so far this 2014). We want to get these items out of our plate before we can elaborate on the three Power IQ ports available on the Anker Astro3, one of our best-selling models of the already well-known Anker Power Bank.

So yes, let’s get down to the meat.

anker astro
Anker Astro with the newly launched Power IQ port

What is Power IQ and why does it matter to Anker Power Banks?

  1. It detects if you are using an iPad, iPhone or an Android phone and automatically changes the charging rate
  2. Improves charging time as compared to other Power Banks
  3. If you are buying the Anker Astro3 Power Bank, it comes with, not one, but three Power IQ ports!

    Don’t believe it? Then get an Anker Power Bank for yourself and see the difference
  4. It works blazingly fast. We’ve charged our friends’ phones and they are impressed!
  5. You can be assured of quality. Anker Power Banks comes with a great 18 months warranty (as compared to perhaps 3 months in some handphone stalls, or shops that fly by night on Lelong). But yes, only applicable for manufacturer’s defects. They can’t give you a new one if you dropped yours and it stopped working.

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