Why we sell Camera Bags in Malaysia

We got started in selling Camera Bags in Malaysia back in the days where Lowepro bags were selling for almost twice the price as compared to Singapore, and the only well-known brands in Malaysia were Lowepro and Tamrac. Pretty ancient times huh? But yes, it was way back in the tail end of 2007 that we decided to enter the camera industry and make a change.

Camera Bags in Malaysia : Our humble beginnings

Back then, camera shops were more humble, and self importing from China was just starting to catch on. After all, Streamyx was slow compared to Unifi that we have now. Many existing camera shops had been in business since the days of their parents, or if they were in the business themselves, like YL Camera, they were in because of their enthusiasm for photography and cameras. Many shops back then had a humble background and we were all trying to make a difference in the fledging camera industry.

camera stall

However, as the industry started booming in 2008, Canon and Nikon (via their distributors), ended up opening many new accounts from 2008 to 2011, saturating the field as mobile phone stall owners started entering the camera business, due to higher margins and good volume. When that happened though, they brought along their price dropping habits, which ended up hurting everyone.

But yes, why did we enter the camera market? To only sell Camera Bags in Malaysia? Well, yes, that as the first step. Camera Bags and all sorts of accessories were controlled regionally, and was very expensive to us, as compared to buying them from Hong Kong or Singapore, which would drop the price by half. So we brought in an unknown premium camera bag brand and made it one of the most popular in Malaysia within 2 years.

We unfortunately though, stunningly lost the camera bag brand within the next few months. The entire market was surprised, and so were we. But we then brought in other camera bag brands and had a measure of success with them. But it was never easy to start again with a new unknown camera bag in Malaysia, and some of our trusted friends / retailers ended up asking us to sell them our stocks at cost or below cost price. Others had difficulty selling a new camera bag brand because they were more familiar with the established names. Because of that, we had no choice but to start TechGarage, the website you now read this from.



We are still keen on Camera Bags in Malaysia

But yes, we are still interested in selling Camera Bags in Malaysia. Our passion has never dimmed, but discouragement did set in. After all, most of the camera shops we approached, were more interested in selling copycat brands which gave them very high margins, than truly good products. You can read more here, on our article on A Guide to choosing Camera Bags in Malaysia. We also wanted to make sure that, quality camera bags fall into the hands of photographer, as the wrong camera bag could damage your spine.

Over the next few weeks, we will begin educating you on the differences between different premium camera bag brands. After all, if you were to understand camera bags, it is only by studying the best that you get to understand the low quality ones sold in many shops.

We would also be uploading more camera bag products in tandem with our teaching and selling of Camera Bags in Malaysia. Please support us!

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