Watch World Cup free, live on your iPhone

Hey there! It’s the World Cup season again, and unfortunately, not all matches will be shown on RTM1, our national Malaysian TV station, unlike Thailand. However, if I were to tell you that you can watch World Cup free live on your iPhone, would you be keen?

As you know, not everyone in Malaysia has Astro. And as we have previously written, buying an Astro package can turn into an expensive monthly affair, which adds up when we calculate our phone bills, car and housing loans and other expenses, could severely deplete your salary. And so, some of us turn to the ever faithful mamak shop, while others have HyppTV, only to be disappointed to find out that HyppTV did not get the contract for World Cup 2014.

But nevertheless, there are other alternatives to watching the 2014 World Cup free, including streaming it live on your iPhone, iPad, TV and even Mac. We will get to the TV and Mac ones later, as we want to show you how to get World Cup on your iPhone.

Watching World Cup 2014 free on your iPhone

Univision Deportes

If you prefer watching your matches from the comfort of your home and don’t pay for cable, the Univision Deportes app for iPhone is a good alternative with one caveat: all of the games are broadcast in Spanish language. But viewing football is never about the language, but about the game, isn’t it? Univision Deportes is free on the App Store and provides live streaming of all World Cup games for free with certain regional blackouts.

In fact, Univision Deportes can be the hub for your World Cup coverage on your iPhone, replacing your newspaper middle page printouts. The app provides, among many things, game previews, highlights, videos, news, updates, scores and statistics, replacing the need for SoccerNet, that is, if you understand Spanish. It also provides a full schedule of all World Cup games. Again, Univision Deportes is free for iPhone. And yes, if you have an Apple TV, you could AirPlay the match directly unto your HDTV 🙂 Awesome isn’t it?


Watching World Cup 2014 free on your computer and streaming devices

World Cup 2014
World Cup 2014 Commentary in between the Holland vs Spain group match

If you don’t have an iPhone, but will would like to watch World Cup 2014 for free, we were emailed by Unotelly that they started their special 40 days service for World Cup. Head to Unotelly’s World Cup website and get connected for watch World Cup free. We watched the 5-1 trashing of Spain by Holland via Unotelly too.

The Unotelly DNS change could be applied to your laptop, Playstation, X-Box or any other devices which could access the internet and have an internet browser.

Do share this to your friends who wants to watch the later matches not shown on RTM 1, but lacking Astro TV 🙂

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