Flora Borsi : Beautiful Time Travel Photoshop

Flora Borsi, who is a Hungarian photographer and photo manipulator since 2004 has again came up with an interesting set of photographs for us. Being a University student with the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest, Flora Borsi has never failed to astound us. And she does it again with her recent set, Time Travel.

Read more about the Time Travel photoshop set here

How would time travel affect life as we know it? Capture the most important events in history, upload to instagram, twitter, facebook? If time travel did indeed become a reality, how would it affect our world as we currently experience it? I imagined how I would to do!

Find the time travel photoshop photos that Flora has so deftly done below

flora borsi  time travel photography 1

1) With Elvis Presley! It almost looks as the real deal. Just that the lights are a bit too harsh on her. Still, I wonder what song was Elvin crooning on? 🙂

flora borsi 2

2) With Harold Lloyd on “Safety Last!” This picture of Harold Lloyd has been an iconic photo as Harold did all the stunts by himself. Back then when there wasn’t any video editing tools. Amazing stuff. Hmm, does the Flora look a bit off here as well? If she had added more contrast to herself, she would look definitely in place.

flora borsi 3

3) With Marilyn Monroe. Perfect shot and perfect photoshopping skills.

flora borsi 4

4) Flora and the civil rights movement

flora borsi 6

5) Flora with Andy Warhol. She looks a bit off here as well.

time travel photoshop

6) On set with Woody Allen. I wonder what was he thinking =)

flora borsi time travel photoshop 5

7) Finally, with the Beatles after their hard day’s night. You really can’t tell the difference here.

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