The start of Combo Packs!

Blessed new year to you! Today marks the day we here at TechGarage are launching… (drumroll)…. Combo Packs! What is Combo Packs and why, you might ask? Well, read on to find out more about our awesome Combo Pack details.

As you know, TechGarage is both a blog and a shop, making us a BlogShop. In the recent months though, we’ve been busy writing and working on the backend of our shop. That doesn’t mean we are not interested to sell. It just means that we’ve upgraded our services and backend, while working out errors and faults that come with a self-hosted shop on a still maturing platform.

After all, it’s easier to serve you on an old but much more stable OS Commerce shopping cart. But then again, there are things that we love of our current platform, and we are sure with enough time, our platform will fully stabilise.

Now, based on our shopping cart, we have added the ability to have Combo Packs (short for Combination Packages). Now, if you are a regular shopper of tech products, it’s always easy to drop by a shop and get a discount if you are buying a number of products. After all, it is a win-win situation as you get to have a bigger discount off the original price, while the shop gets to move a bigger number of items. However, with most online stores, it’s always hard to offer combo packs, as that needs more programming.

Thanks to our platform, we are able to offer you Combo Packs of various kinds. The start is definitely the PocketWizard Combo Pack! With the PocketWizard Combo Pack, you are able to buy a set of Pocketwizard products (the Flex TT5, MiniTT1 and the AC3 controller) at a bigger discount, than purchasing them separately.

[product id=”” sku=16172″”]

The only requirement of buying a Combo Pack is that, you need to have a minimum of one item of each Combo Pack product in cart. However, if you look at the prices of the Combo Pack, you will save a great deal the more you buy!


p/s: There are still CSS/display options to work out on the Combo Packs pages. However, do not let it stop you from getting one yourself . It’s fully workable.

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