Spotify launches in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong

If you’re a fan of Spotify or just a plain music lover, Spotify just launched it’s service here in this part of Asia. Newly launched, Spotify comes with the Free and Premium versions, unlike most parts of the world, who will have the Unlimited option.

What’s the catch then? Sign up for Spotify Free account and enjoy unlimited streaming, with just an ad or two. The Spotify Premium account is the cheapest in the world, as it’s USD 9.99 is the States and 9.99 pounds in UK. Here it’s only RM 14.99 per month! Talk about cheap =)


What’s the big deal about Spotify?

If you’re a huge music fan or just want a control over the songs you listen, rather than have Psy‘s Gangnam Style played for the umpteenth time on your radio, Spotify might be something you’re looking forward to. Unlike many other radio streaming, Spotify allows you to choose the albums you want, and also to stream radio content around certain artists you’ve chosen.

That’s definitely a big deal if you would like to explore or listen to songs from the similar genre or artists.

Then what’s so great about Spotify Malaysia?

Spotify Premium is going at only RM 14.99, that’s a fraction of the prices in US (USD 9.99) or UK (9.99 pounds). However, if you’re considering the Free account, you might prefer to sign up for a US account (via VPN, Virtual Private Network)

This is because any countries out of the states is only given 6 months free service =( If you have a USA account though, the Free account isn’t affected by the 6 months limit.


Also, because Rdio and Pandora Music isn’t available yet in Malaysia, it makes Spotify such a gem here for music lovers. If you consider yourself one, why wait? Please sign up as soon as possible.

Now, if you may excuse me while I go back to my playlist =)


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