ZUS Smart Car Charger Review

Recently, Nonda who produces the ZUS Smart Car Charger, contacted us with the prospect of reviewing the product. At that time, I haven’t yet heard of ZUS nor Nonda, but a quick search on Google showed that ZUS featuring prominently. Nonda is a recently launched startup based out of Palo Alto, California.

After the break, we will find out if the ZUS Smart Car Charger will suit your daily needs.

An Introduction to ZUS

Having a charger is crucial today as we move more towards devices in our daily lives. Other than power banks, car and wall chargers are essential daily items to keep our devices fully charged. With that in mind, a slew of manufacturers have tried their hand on producing better chargers than their competitors. Anker, a brand we retail at DigitalDestiny does well too with their range of car chargers.

But Nonda, in their bid to break into the car charger market, have released something revolutionary. At least for people who tend to get lost in malls, like myself.

ZUS Smart Car Charger Review
The accompanying app for the smart charger, looks pretty.

Boasting an Android and iOS app that uses your phone or tablet’s GPS capabilities, the ZUS smart car charger smartly lets the accompanying ZUS app on your device know when you’ve stopped and parked the car. Of course, you can fool the device by removing the charger before reaching your destination, but why would you want to do so?

With the ZUS, you get an autosave when you turn off your engine. This helps when you search for your car in the mall or parking bay later on. Of course, if the GPS capability of your phone is affected by the density of the area, the GPS tracking might not be as right as you prefer it to be.

The ZUS Smart Car Charger charges at the maximum speed of 4.8A, more than enough for current devices. If you are in the market for something better than those dirt cheap car chargers that are aplenty at Ali Baba and perhaps the mall near you, the ZUS does the job perfectly.

Design-wise, the ZUS looks absolutely beautiful. The built-in LED tastefully illuminates the Smart Car Charger, so that you can easily plug in your USB cables in the dark. However, the ports might be awkwardly placed for you, as I discovered while trying to charge two devices in my Honda.

Should you buy a copy of the ZUS Smart Car Charger? Here’s some takeaways

1) ZUS Smart Car Charger Review : For the lost

If you’ve the propensity to get lost in-car parks and don’t wanna take photos of the parking bay. Or perhaps would just like something to help you find your car, the ZUS does the job. Just make sure you give it some leeway.

2) ZUS Smart Car Charger Review : It’s fast

We’ve always cautioned people against buying unknown brands. After all, we’ve too many brands that don’t charge as fast as advertised. In ZUS, we’ve a car charger that charges fast. I don’t find much of a difference between the ZUS Car Charger and the Anker Car Charger’s speed.

However, the ZUS lacks the Qualcomm Quick Charge chip, which would enable it to charge faster.

3) ZUS Smart Car Charger Review : Beware of faulty units

In doing this review, I checked out the reviews on Amazon and found some complains on broken down ZUS car chargers after a few charges. That is a worrying trend and could show a faulty supply chain. Perhaps waiting a few months before buying one would help iron out issues. Also, it would be best to make sure you’ve a local distributor whom you can claim warranty from, before committing to purchasing the ZUS.


The ZUS Smart Car Charger is an innovative take on car chargers. If you need something to help you find your car in between drives, get one today as there’s nothing similar out there. Otherwise, you might want to go for something cheaper, that only charges your device. The ZUS Smart Car Charger comes with 12 months warranty.

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