Ucounting : the Best Accounting Software in Malaysia

We don’t usually write recommendations on startups, but we will make an exception here. We will tell you the story of Ucounting, the best Accounting Software in Malaysia. Being early adopters of Ucounting in its previous form, we have seen Ucounting grow and evolve to be a very viable accounting software. It all started with us using excel sheets, which we then graduated from and upgraded to the SQL accounting software. It was so called, one of the best alternatives to MYOB.


However, being Windows based and unable to communicate between the different computers, made it hard for us to update inventory real-time and inform our customers of inventory. We were reliant on the software which was on one computer and couldn’t be shared with other computers real-time.

If we actually wanted, we could, but try updating it on two computers simultaneously, and you would have to choose between which database you wanted to use. Meaning, the data could not be merged. So uploading new products, or changing prices, or issuing a set of invoices, all became a hassle. And because it was confined to a single computer, the various staff had to take turns. The admin guy had to key in invoices, and then the accounts clerk had to then take over the laptop to check for errors and to do balancing. It was a hassle, to say the least.

The database had to be backed up manually daily in a thumb drive, just in case it got corrupted. And there was once that the data got corrupted, and when we looked at the thumb drive, it had a virus, making the backup useless. And all this was going on in the modern year of 2010. It is true.

So yes, we had months of hard work down the drain. We then assigned two staff working full-time for two months, just to re-enter the data based on our hard copies. The accounting software was not very brilliant, unfortunately. However, they might have improved, so we never know, and no, we don’t want to judge them. Perhaps having a Windows based system on a single computer would work for some, but it stopped working for us after awhile.

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On our side, we ended up looking for a new accounting software on the net, which could be accessed by anyone, and at anytime. And came Ucounting.com. Started by Joel Liew and team, Ucounting enabled us to meet customers, and give them real-time data on our inventories and prices. Invoices could be generated and emailed on the spot.

We had much happier customers, and much more secure data. Also, as the data became available to all of us, our admin guy who was in charge of data entry had to buck up, as we began noticing that he wasn’t really doing his job. This wouldn’t have happened if we were still with SQL accounting, as he would have monopoly of the software, and took his own sweet time, surfing, chatting and well, doing work when we chased him.


Why do we say that Ucounting is the best Accounting Software in Malaysia?

  1. It’s Malaysian made, with hours put in for programming.
  2. It’s cloud based. You can easily access your data anywhere
  3. It’s an ERP system. That means you get to manage more data, as compared to other accounting software
  4. It is constantly improving. It is true, look out for more features as the Ucounting team seeks to grow Ucounting into the best Accounting software, not only in Malaysia, but the region.
  5. Help is just a click away
  6. It is more affordable than other Malaysian Cloud Based Accounting Software
  7. Enjoy a RM 1000.00 rebate if you sign up for Ucounting soon!

However, Ucounting still could improve in a few areas. On our end, we would like to see a Point of Sale (POS) connected to Ucounting, to enable retailers to take advantage of the system.Also, though security measures are in place, it would be good to have SSL for login and for administration. But other than these, we would encourage you to give it a try.

If you are still on the traditional paper and pen bookkeeping for your accounts and inventory, you might want to consider something different. If you have been on MYOB, SQL or various others you might be tired of the various modules, and might be keen on a cloud based accounting software. Not just any, but the best Accounting Software in Malaysia, in our opinion. If you are still on the fence, what do you have to lose, it comes with a free trial and a rebate after all.


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