The top 10 sharpest camera lenses, 2013 edition

Have you ever thought what are the sharpest camera lenses in the world this 2013? Indeed many brands have said their lenses are among the sharpest, if not the sharpest. And as a photographer, it is important to have a sharp lens, instead of one that is soft on the corners or the middle or even worse, both sides and corners.
Is this one of the 10 sharpest camera lenses in the world come 2013? The Swedish magazine FOTO does a great deal of lens testing, as well as for over 20 years has published MTF results (MTF means modulation transfer function) of the lenses it reviews. Its valuable database of lenses is accessible to only its customers. But lately FOTO published a list of the 10 lenses which scored the greatest all-time in their MTF reviews.
Best-camera lenses-2
The article was published in Swedish. However you can see what the lenses are at the link here.
Included are 3 Canons, 4 Nikons, a Sigma, a Voigtländer, with the Zeiss lens making the final number of camera lenses. I could only testify personally to 2 of their choices, having a limited range of lenses to test out myself. Nevertheless they’ve got those quite rightly.Interestingly or sadly so, there are no 50mm lenses, nor any Leica


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