Review : Yoobao M10 Power Bank

Recently we had the privilege of reviewing the Yoobao M10 10000mAh power bank in the interiors of Borneo. The Yoobao M10 power bank is a recent release and was loaned to us by MDC Gadget Store, the distributors of Yoobao, Jabra and various other brands out there.

The Yoobao M10 power bank comes with jet black colour and features two USB ports. The interesting thing about the M10 is that if you only used one port, you will get a 2A charge or less, depending on the needs of your device. However if you use both ports, your maximum charge is only 1A on both. This is due to output limitations on the M10, which we hope would be rectified in future Yoobao models.Yoobao YB-M10 3

It also feature an ample 10000mAh worth of charge, which is very well needed nowadays as smart phone manufacturers keep increasing the screen resolution and battery size of their respective phones.

Simple But Gorgeous

Aesthetically, the Yoobao M10 power bank doesn’t look out of place at work nor in social settings. With a slim, clean, simple yet effective design, the M10 fits easily in your bag among other places.

Having brought the Yoobao M10 with us all the way through the jungles of Borneo, we are proud to say that it survived with only one scratch on its surface.

Good Enough Performance

The Yoobao M10 comes with good enough performance which could be better. It is an improvement on some of the previous Yoobao power banks which were only able to output a 1A charge on certain ports. It is able to smartly detect the requirements of your device and supply up to 2A maximum output, which makes it an upgrade over other budget power bank models

However, due to limitations on the output, you might want to consider something more powerful if you frequently need to simultaneously charge two devices.

Value For Money

While competing 10000mAh power banks might cost you in the region of a hundred plus or more, the Yoobao M10 comes at a very modest price of RM 89 at the time of writing. It also comes with a 12 months warranty period which ensures a peace of mind for you.

Conclusion : Well Worth It

Having tried and tested the Yoobao M10 10000mAh power bank for a week in the jungles of Borneo, we would say that it is worth the money. If you are looking for a budget and the quirks of the Yoobao M10 doesn’t faze you, this might be your ideal power bank.


  1. This is one of the very first brand of power bank to hit the market. The quality is phenomenon and the price is worth the quality. With yoobao really do get what you paid for unlike most power bank being sold on ebay.

    • Thanks Ernest. Yoobao power banks are definitely value for money. And comes with 12 months of warranty if you purchase it in Malaysia.


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