Review : Anker 5-Port Wall Charger

Having sold Anker power banks for the last two years, I did not have the chance to try out a unit of the famed Anker 5 port wall charger until recently.

Just two weeks back, I had to take a trip into the interiors of Borneo. And with the prospects of having not enough power sockets or worse, overloaded sockets due to too many simultaneous wall chargers, I decided to bring along the Anker 5-port wall charger.

Read on after the break to find out more about the 5-Port Wall Charger.

With 2.4A and anker’s proprietary powerIQ ports, our devices charged really fast

Being a small and diminutive sized charger, we found that it charged not only one device fast, but works well with our combination of power banks and smart phones. Before we knew it, the Anker 5-port wall charger ensured our devices were at full charge.anker 5 port 3

Strengths of the Anker 5-Port Wall Charger

While it is easy to purchase a multi-port wall charger off the local computer store downtown; not all wall chargers are created equal. The Anker 5-Port Wall Charger comes with 40watts of power. As the output is at 5V, it leaves the wall charger with 8A shared between five ports. That is 2.4A per port.

Here’s the calculation below

40W / 5V = 8A overall
8A / 5 ports = 2.4A per port
(Note: an iPhone draws a 1A current, a Galaxy S5 draws 2.1A and an iPad Air 2.4A)

With 2.4A and Anker’s proprietary PowerIQ technology, we found that our devices charged really fast. Even while charging numerous heavy duty devices like iPads and power banks, the Anker 5-port wall charger does its job really well without a hassle.


While unpacking the wall charger from its box, we found it is surprisingly lightweight and easy to carry about. With a weight of 230 grams, the wall charger weighs slightly less than two Samsung Galaxy S6 together.

anker 40w 4

What could be better?

We like the Anker 5-port wall charger but perhaps Anker could consider making modular wall chargers in the future? As such, while five ports might be enough for majority of us, some might still need more than five ports daily.

The Verdict

The wall charger comes across as well made and even features good quality materials to prevent scratches. With fast charging and ample power, your devices will be easily taken care of.

If you are planning to travel, don’t like the clutter of too many individual wall chargers or have multiple devices to charge daily (including smart phones, power banks, bluetooth headsets, fitness bands and the likes), the Anker 5-port wall charger something you should definitely purchase. It also makes an excellent gift for travelling friends.

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