Maxis Broadband Review: Pros and Cons

If you’re always on the go, you might want to consider Maxis’ offering, the Maxis Broadband. Maxis which prides itself with being the leading mobile network operator in Malaysia. As of now Maxis offers a very compelling package as compared to Digi, Maxis and UMobile. By referring to the table below, look at our comparison of all mobile broadband providers and the various plans and prices.



[table id=2 /]

In our calculations above, we did not factor in both Celcom and Maxis’ extra data after certain hours. Maxis and Celcom both offers extra data from 2am till 8am. For us, that is impractical as most of us are on the go and are noctural creatures. While it makes Maxis’ offering seem really good, in real life terms, it’s just not worth it.

Digi’s Tablet Supersim plans are also worth mentioning as they are RM 10.00 cheaper if you’re a Digi postpaid user, as the plans then become not too bad. For example, Digi Tablet Supersim 1.5GB only costs RM 19.33/GB if you’re a Digi postpaid user, which many of us are.

If you need speed and reliability, do consider Maxis broadband. While it’s offering is not as compelling as U-Mobile’s, the very fact that they throw in extra data between 2am till 8am helps much, especially if you’re a night owl, or have to absolutely work at nights. Maxis broadband, in our experience around Klang Valley, constantly gave better signals than Digi, which reverts back to Edge more often.

Also, now that Digi asks the consumer to use Opera, instead of allowing us to use our regular browsers once we hit the quota, you bet that more people will move from Digi to other providers.

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