Greenroom136 JunkMonkey Review

Recently, my old Crumpler messenger bag started giving way, causing me to reluctantly look for a new bag. Having sold camera bags before this, I was looking for a bag that works well for a digital nomad/startup founder while being able to support a DSLR camera and several lenses for the occasional event.

This brought me to an adventure, visiting various shops in Digital Mall and prominent shops like Eng Tong, BratPack and YL Camera. However, after trying out various camera bags and laptop bags, I couldn’t find something satisfactory. Some had really thin material that isn’t suitable for robust usage, while lacking proper reinforcements for prolonged heavier weight usage. Others weren’t comfortable, while some didn’t consider proper design for the laptop compartment.

During that moment of frustration, I found Greenroom136 while considering Timbuk2. And it has been an epiphany. Read on for more of our Greenroom136 JunkMonkey Review after the break.

I checked out Greenroom136’s bags at their mini display in JayaOne. After which, I called Patrick and had a long conversation about bags. It was an interesting conversation and I liked Greenroom136’s bag building philosophy. But would the end product be as good as the conversation?

I promptly ordered the Greenroom136 JunkMonkey and loaded it up with some goodies such as the QuickRelease Harness System and the silencers. And then came the one week wait, as it was a custom bag.

Greenroom136 8

When the bag arrived, I was amazed at how great it looks. But then again, all new items look great. Would the JunkMonkey do well with the test of time? Coming with various compartments and handles, the Greenroom136 JunkMoney is way bigger than my Crumpler. But for a good reason. I didn’t have to pack a couple of separate bags for different occasions. Rather, the JunkMonkey has been a constant companion when I drop by cafes to code, gym to workout or even church to encounter God.

So, how has the Greenroom136 JunkMonkey been after a few months of usage? I would simply say it’s worth every cent. Here’s why you should get a copy of Greenroom136 bags if you’re looking for a messenger bag.

1) Greenroom136 JunkMonkey Review : Best Materials Out There

Having distributed ThinkTankPhoto in Malaysia during the heydays of DSLR, I always thought ThinkTankPhoto had the best material around. Especially with the 420D Nylon Ripstop fabric used. However, when compared to Greenroom136’s usage of  1000D Denier Cordura Nylon for their outer shell, it is just no comparison.

With the 1000D Denier Corder Nylon, Greenroom136’s bags are super durable. This is because the 1000D Denier Corder Nylon is considered industrial grade material that lasts long. Even now, my few months old JunkMonkey looks brand new!

Also, while Greenroom136 uses the industry standard of YKK for buckles, they have an option to upgrade your buckles to the cutting edge Fidlock Slider, Fidlock Snap and AustriAlpine Cobra GT buckles. These are usually found in super expensive messenger bags, but ensures quality and performance of your buckles.

Greenroom136 JunkMonkey Review
You can find Greenroom136 pop-up stores around town

2) Greenroom136 JunkMonkey Review : Bountiful, Well-Thought Of Pockets

One aspect of great bags is the amount of well thought of compartments it has. In that sense, the Greenroom136 JunkMonkey does really well. Unlike my previous Crumpler, I found I could easily carry my water bottle and an umbrella on either sides of the bag. Plus, unlike ThinkTankPhoto, these items are well protected and can’t be easily nicked off my bag in a crowded street.

If you have the cash, go for a custom-built Greenroom136 JunkMonkey, as it allows you to have a hidden compartment on the back of the messenger bag. This helps you keep your passport, cash and documents safely.

3) Greenroom136 JunkMonkey Review : Laptop-Saving Floating Laptop Insert

The reason why I ended up with the Greenroom136 instead of say, a Timbuk2, is the free floating laptop insert. You see, most messenger bags would have already built-in their laptop inserts. Some might have more sponge or padding than others. However, built-in laptop inserts are a major no-no for your laptop, as it might leave it with cracks, dents and perhaps expensive, unforeseen damage.

In Malaysia, it is hard to find a floating laptop insert on other bag makers. As such, you might need to import in your messenger bag from overseas. Or you can get a Greenroom136 JunkMonkey.

4) Greenroom136 JunkMonkey Review : Sling With A Peace Of Mind

If you carry a messenger bag, you know the dangers of someone slipping his hand into the gap between your bag cover and the bag itself. With the JunkMonkey, that can’t happen as the inner shell folds just right to stop any subtle intrusion. After switching to the Greenroom136 JunkMonkey, I no longer carry my messenger bag to my front but leave it on my back as how it’s supposed to be.

Greenroom136 JunkMonkey Review
The Greenroom136 bags are extremely durable and a great travel companion!

The Greenroom136 JunkMonkey Review : Conclusion

The Greenroom136 JunkMonkey is a very good messenger bag. If I could use superfluous words, terming it the best messenger bag in Malaysia, Singapore and perhaps Asia, isn’t an exaggeration. While it starts at RM 500 compared to say RM 50 or RM 150 for other brands, the materials used ensures your bag will last your for a good many years if well taken care of.

If you are in Selangor, drop by JayaOne and check out the Greenroom136 Hub @ POP. Otherwise, just drop by and purchase yourself a copy there.

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