DiGi Postpaid Plan Review

So you’re looking to buy a new phone and all the sudden, you realised that our postpaid plans in Malaysia are confusing. You’ve googled your way around and found many different postpaid plan reviews. Sadly, the state of postpaid plans in Malaysia is in the flux, meaning articles get outdated within months of publishing.

Here’s where we come in to make a difference with our DiGi Postpaid Plan Review. As part of our revamping of Best Postpaid Plan in Malaysia article, we’ve decided to individually review various telco offerings and then help you with a final summary. Read on for more after the break

DiGi Postpaid Plan Review : An Introduction

DiGi has placed themselves in a bold position with their latest postpaid plans. While their closest competitor, Maxis continue to falter, DiGi upped the ante with a gigantic 10GB of data and unlimited talk time for only RM 80 per month. That’s the best plan we’ve seen so far in Malaysia for a long time.

Should you get a DiGi postpaid? Should you switch if you areon their competitors? Are their plans really worth the money? We address these questions below.

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1) DiGi Postpaid Plan Review : Cheap Calls & Data

At RM 68/month, DiGi offers you unlimited phone calls. This makes DiGi the low cost market leader if you need phone calls for your business, work or relationship.

The DiGi Postpaid 68 plan only gives you 3GB of data, which then grows to an amazing 10GB for the Postpaid 80 plan!

2) DiGi Postpaid Plan Review : Improving Coverage

Ever since we started covering Malaysian Postpaid Plans as part of our articles, DiGi has steadily improved their 3G and 4G coverage across the nation. Check out DiGi’s improving coverage here

3) DiGi Postpaid Plan Review : Great Plans For Everyone

Unlike their competitors, DiGi comes with great plans for everyone. From a measly RM 28 per month to RM 218 per month for 25GB of data and unlimited calls, DiGi tries their best to keep you covered.

While I wouldn’t recommend DiGi at RM 28 due to their minimal 500MB of data, you just need to add RM 40 extra to get 3GB of data and unlimited calls.

In a way, I would call the DiGi Postpaid 28 plan like some cheap McValue meal which leaves you unsatisfied. But the DiGi Postpaid 68 leaves you satisfied, full and then some.

DiGi Postpaid Plan Review


We’re impressed with DiGi Malaysia for their efforts on making mobile postpaid plans affordable to Malaysians. For most parts of Malaysia (except the interiors of East Malaysia), DiGi has the best combination of price, coverage and data. Get yourself a DiGi postpaid plan today!


  1. Terrible telecommunications provider.

    Have tried to cancel an account for the last 6 months or so.

    Someone else used my details to start the account.

    Even though they say its cancelled over the phone, they keep sending my bills each month.

    I’ve reported the account to the police but they still refuse to cancel the account.

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