Incase : The Beautiful Power Bank you would love

Have you ever considered that the Power Bank, External Battery Pack or as Incase likes to call it, Portable Power, could look better? Especially for heavy users to love something to look like their iPhone in terms of design, the Incase Portable Power looks better than many OEM branded power banks which are covered with flimsy, low-grade plastics and bad quality batteries.

The Incase Portable Power 2500 and 5400 comes in two distinct capacities. At 2500mAH and 5400mAH, they aren’t juggernaut sized Power Banks, nor should you bring them along if you are going mountain hiking for a few days in a place without electricity. However, for just simple charging on an elegant Power Bank, you might just fall for this. It might even make a good Valentine’s day present.

Incase Portable Power 2500 and 5400
The good looking Incase Portable Power 2500 and 5400

The Incase Portable Power comes in matte finish and have LED Power Indicators built in, making it easy to view the capacity. As it comes with the now standard 2.1 A output, charging your iDevices and Android brethren is fast and easy. In terms of pricing, they start from USD 49.95 onwards. Definitely pricier when compared to certain China / OEM brands. However, with Incase backing the brand, you can be sure of a quality product and reliability that may be lacking in lesser well-known brands.

Cheap OEM Power Banks don't look as good as the Incase Portable Power
Cheap OEM Power Banks don’t look as good as the Incase Portable Power

How does Incase perform compared to Yoobao and Anker Power Banks?

While the Incase Portable Power is a new player in the already external USB Battery Packs, dominated by brands like Yoobao in Asia and Anker in places like Europe and US, it performs well and within expectations of the capacity stated. However, it lacks the range that both Yoobao and Anker has. However, in terms of aesthetics, the Incase Portable Power definitely trumps both Yoobao and Anker Power Banks, which is more utilitarian looking. We particularly like the mixing of colours of both the Power Bank and the attached cable. Very well done.

Where can I buy it?

As of now, you may buy it online on the Apple Store for US. It is not yet available in Malaysia as of time of writing. If you do find some in shops, be sure to check with them of their suppliers as it’s common for shops to sell a low quality imitation and pass it off as the original. We wrote much about dealers selling fake products on our post here. More photos below.

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