Aukey Power Bank Malaysia : Best Affordable Power Banks

Looking for the Aukey Power Bank in Malaysia but find it hard to find a proper dealer? Or perhaps you haven’t heard of Aukey power banks yet and want to find out more about the brand before deciding on your purchase?

Read on after the break as we bring you our article on Aukey Power Bank Malaysia, the best value power bank and wall chargers in town.

Aukey Power Bank Malaysia : An Introduction

Aukey is a relatively new player to power banks in Malaysia.The world of Malaysian power banks, we had Yoobao dominating for a few years before better brands like Anker came into the picture. The issue with Yoobao (we’re official Yoobao dealers ourselves), were the Yoobao copies that was sold in many phone shops.

And these Yoobao copies had bad performance and warranty. The original Yoobao were better, but lacking in stuff like high powered ports that automatically detect your device’s maximum ampere input.

Aukey 4

Yoobao, Anker and Xiaomi

This is where brands like Anker, the leading mobile power solution brand globally came in. With the best selling Anker 3E and later on, Anker E3, we suddenly had quality power banks in Malaysia. But Anker isn’t cheap.

So when Xiaomi Malaysia announced the arrival of Mi Power Banks for only RM 36 onwards, the crowds rushed in. A year plus later, many who’ve bought Xiaomi power banks realised that their Mi Power Banks don’t really last long. After awhile, they started giving way as well.

In that scenario, Aukey burst into the scene with its Anker-matching 18 months warranty, together with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0. This was originally the realm of premium power banks like Anker. While lacking some of the features of Anker, like the Anker Power IQ technology, Aukey fulfilled the need of those needing something cheaper but better than Mi Power Banks.

Aukey Power Bank Malaysia : Aukey vs Anker?

Having used both Aukey and Anker power banks, we would say that Anker holds the edge in terms of performance and looks. With constant innovation due to Anker’s background (Anker’s founders came from Google), Anker power banks and wall chargers are the best out there and have been heavily featured in many reviews.

In comparison, Aukey is an upcoming brand. While it may not have some of the features Anker has, performs admirably and is significantly than Anker. Aukey also comes with the same 18 months warranty and a one-to-one exchange upon warranty approval.

In short, between Aukey vs Anker, we would suggest you go for whichever you can afford. If you’re giving a birthday/farewell gift and want the absolute best for your friend, you won’t go wrong with Anker Power Banks and Wall Chargers.

Aukey 3

Aukey Power Bank Malaysia : Aukey vs Xiaomi?

The Mi power banks are the cheapest in the market. They perform well and comes with a good 6 months warranty. The weakness of a Xiaomi is, their power banks tend to fail once your warranty is over. However, we would readily recommend Xiaomi power banks to our friends if they want something cheap.

After all, buying a power bank from dodgy places like Lowyat, Sungai Wang Plaza and Digital mall can be a hit-or-miss situation. Plus, these places tend to sell you some unknown brand that they procure from China factories, which might stop working after awhile. Ask me, I’ve been bitten once.

Aukey on the other hand, doesn’t suddenly fail after 6 months of so. As such, you can be assured of charging your power bank on even in trips and meetings. Or if you’re frequently lost and need Waze to navigate about town.

Power Bank Malaysia : Aukey vs Anker vs Xiaomi?

For us, Xiaomi is like going to Reject Shop for clothes. Some might be good, while others not. Aukey is like some budget quality store with workman-like clothes. Perhaps brands like Uniqlo represents Aukey well. It’s not the cheapest might lack some frills, but it does the job well.

Anker on the other hand is like going to LV. It’s recognised as the best in town and feels like it even when you touch or use it.

dynamo power bank
No, we don’t sell this kind of power banks, though it looks cool, no?

Aukey Power Bank Malaysia : Why Get From Us?

Our Aukey power banks and wall chargers are official stocks from Aukey. That means if you buy from us, you get the official Aukey 18 months warranty and one-to-one exchange upon confirmation from Aukey themselves.

As an online store, we have a good reputation of being a quality seller of power banks, wall chargers and the likes. We will also send you the tracking code and updates of the shipment, after your purchase with us.

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Aukey Power Bank Malaysia : Here’s What The Media Is Saying

‘The Aukey 12000mAh Portable Power Bank Charger is a great product overall. It is able to recharge your devices simultaneously and do so in an effective and efficient manner thanks to the AIPower technology. It strayed away from the norm or commonality that is seen with battery charge indicators and presented something different and refreshing. Plus, the small flashlight presented means of being able to light up small areas as sometimes this may come in handy in nighttime situations.

So, if you are looking to purchase a power bank charger and need or want one that can not only charge your devices as proficiently as possible, but can keep the safety of your devices in mind, and one that is small enough to be carried easily, then this power bank charger might be just the one for you’, The Examiner

Aukey Power Bank Malaysia

‘Aukey makes some excellent power banks, and this 20,000mAh option is no exception. This backup battery provides 2 USB outputs, a 1A and 2A, allowing a simultaneous charge for your iPhone 6/6S and any other device that needs a boost in battery life. You’ll find 4 blue LED indicators on the bank that signify how much life remains, and a built-in LED flashlight between both USB ports for low light situations. It’s available in black or white and includes a microUSB charging cable, and an 18-month warranty’, iMore, on the best power bank for the iPhone 6s

‘To sum things up, Aukey has a solid portable battery here, fulfilling everything it promises in terms of charging speeds. It’s even covered by an 18-month warranty, which is nice. If you’re hunting for a reliable back-up battery that’s capable of Quick Charge 2.0 speeds, give this one a whirl’, AndroidCentral

‘Just as was the case with PB-N30 as an iPhone accessory, PB-N28 is a standout iPad accessory primarily because of its price. Decidedly simple in execution, it offers a lot of power for the dollar — 47% of Anker’s amazing Astro E7 at 31% the price — and it’s hard to beat a $25 asking price if you’re looking for a way to completely refuel your current-generation iPad once (or iPhone several times) on the road’, 9to5Mac

‘All in all, this would be a good charger for someone with two devices that need to be charged at the same time. I would also like a battery level indicator so I can check the level of charge before I leave the house – and a less “in your face” colour for the quick charge port’, ZDNet

‘Overall, this is a very solid and powerful external battery, with the benefit of fast charging with Quick Charge 2.0. The AIPower technology allows it to adapt to your device’s charging requirements and charge at full speed’,

Aukey Power Bank Malaysia : Conclusion

You won’t go wrong with an Aukey power bank and/or wall charger. With quality electronics and great plastics to ensure the longevity of your power bank, buying an Aukey with us will ensure you get an industry leading 18 months warranty.

If you are on the fence and still looking for the best power bank out there in Malaysia, Aukey is a brand you can trust.


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