Price drop on Square Enix iOS games, Final Fantasy included

If you are an avid gamer like yours truly, the news that Square Enix has dropped it’s price  itself is an amazing piece of news. Add to that news that the long awaited Final Fantasy series are deeply discounted and yes, you have a winner here and something deserving of headlines here at TechGarage.

final fantasy
The interesting thing is that for the first time, we’re seeing deep discounts on titles that we have never seen before, unlike some apps which are regularly discounted. Deux Ex goes at it’s lowest price at 99 cents, while the entire Final Fantasy series are discounted as low as $3.99, with some at $7.99. The Chaos Rings series which usually goes for more than 10 USD each for the iPad versions, is down at only $2.99 to $3.99

For myself, if there were a few games you should grab this Christmas, do consider getting a copy of the Final Fantasy Tactics. It is now in high-resolution, freshly redrawn for your iPhone and iPad, and with iCloud support. If you haven’t heard of FFT (Final Fantasy Tactics), it was a classic back in the days of the first Playstation. Back then in 1998, IGN even gave FFT a score of 85 out of 100, really high marks.


Final Fantasy Tactics bring tremendous replay value and will be an app that will sit on your iPhone, or better still iPad (due to its much larger screen estate) as you decide which of the 20 jobs to give to your various characters which will change the way you approach each game differently. And yes, with great pacing of the game, there won’t be a dull moment on your iDevice as you need to arrange your strategies deeper than your normal RPG game.

xcom ipad

For myself, other than the great old Koei games like Romance of the Three Kingdoms and both new and old versions of XCom, Final Fantasy Tactics is one that will last a long time in replay value.

Final Fantasy IV
 Final Fantasy IV

Also, do consider getting the Final Fantasy series as in from Final Fantasy I to Final Fantasy V is you haven’t yet. For me, the better ones to buy if you need to choose from these series (since they haven’t released FF VII for the iOS yet), would be Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy V, if you like the job system. That would give you a lot of variation and a great replay value. However, if you are looking for a Final Fantasy IV does offer a better storyline than Final Fantasy V.

If you had to choose, perhaps get all as these prices may not be here anymore after the new year. And at the current discounts, you can buy two different versions for the price of one. That’s a great bargain! :) Check out the list of Square Enix iOS on sale below!

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