PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver Radio Triggers are in

The long awaited PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver Radio Triggers are now in TechGarage! After an ‘oh-so-long’ wait, due to complications with the Customs of Malaysia, we were elated when we were told we were granted permit to bring in the Plus III into Malaysia! Wow!

The Plus III is a definitive upgrade over the Plus II (which is still in stock if you’re looking), and with a special price, there is NO better time to grab one for yourself. Or better still, if you’re buying more than 1 (as in group purchase), drop us an email, and we’ll work out a bulk purchase price for you, no questions asked!

This shipment of PocketWizard Plus III is also an official shipment. As such, it means we’ve got you covered with warranty! If you’re looking for a radio trigger system, why not consider the PocketWizard? It’s the brand that leading photographers like Joe McNally uses. It has also been in many difficult environments and produced excellent images! =) If you’re in need of a reliable brand, look no further than PocketWizard.

Photoblogger Plus 3Joe_MacNally_Plus_III

PocketWizard is a trademark name of LPA Design, who started the wireless off camera lighting radio trigger system in the late 1990s and revolutionised photography for us all.

The PocketWizard Plus III isn’t camera specific, and such, works with cameras of various brands, such as Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad and others.

You can purchase your unit of PocketWizard here =)

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