Phorce Pro Power Bank is the only one you need

Have you heard of Phorce Pro? Neither have we until recently, but wow, we have been bowled over by Phorce’s Pro bag, which is a cleverly designed power bank in the form of a smart and elegant bag. It even tells you how much charge it is carrying.

With Phorce jumping the ‘smart’ devices bandwagon, the Phorce Pro Power Bank is also smartly designed to communicate the latest battery level with your smart phone via an Android or iOS app. Now, that is already smart, but check this out. The Phorce Pro also lets you know if you have accidentally left the bag behind.

As Phorce Pro is first a smart bag, it also features the ability to convert the bag from a back pack to a messenger bag and vice versa. Made of durable water-resistant fabric, waterproof zippers and coated canvas, the Phorce Pro won’t look out-of-place on your travels, shopping nor at your office.

The Phorce Pro Power Bank / Bag comes with a massive 26,000mAh, which enables it to effectively charge your devices, some a few times over. We are however, not impressed with Phorce Pro’s capacity as Anker’s Astro Pro 20,000mAh offers an almost similar charge for a much cheaper price. However, the ability to charge laptops, once available on the Pro versions of Anker Astro (but since removed), makes the Phorce Pro something road warriors should consider.

The Phorce Pro Power Bank / Bag comes with both red and black colours, and have PC and Mac versions, with the Mac costing slightly more at USD 699, while the PC version goes at USD 649. Phorce Pro will be available on sale beginning on the 30th of September 2014.

Gallery of the Phorce Pro Power Bank / Bag is available below.

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