Nokia Lumia 525 launched in Malaysia

Have you heard of the Nokia Lumia 525? It’s Nokia’s budget offering for the Windows 8 platform. If you thought the picture shows the Nokia Lumia 520, you are not wrong as the Lumia 525 is an upgraded version of the popular Lumia 520.


Now, what’s the big deal with the Lumia 525 you might ask?

For starters, it is launched at a very affordable price of RM 499.00! Now, compared to a barebones iPhone 5s, the Lumia 525 only goes about 30% of the iPhone 5s’ price, making it easy for regular phone users to switch to a Nokia smartphone. Even my parents who are frugal with electronic devices due to it’s relatively short lifespan of two to four years are keen to get one.

Secondly, it’s a significant upgrade internally on the Lumia 520. While the Lumia 520 only came with 512 megabyte RAM, the Lumia 525 comes with a 100% increase, giving us a generous 1GB RAM. This helps offset various problems that might come when we run out of memory, as experienced with older Windows phones with only 256 MB RAM installed. The 1 GB is also generous as Apple only offered 512 MB RAM up to the iPhone 4s.

With more RAM, your phone can do so much more. We will write about the importance of RAM in smartphones sometime soon =)

As for the other details on the Nokia Lumia 525, it keeps the swappable covers (orange, yellow and white). It also keeps with a 4 inch IPS WVGA screen  (800×480 pixels) and 1 Ghz dual core Qualcomm S4 processor with 8GB internal storage and a micro SD storage expansion slot which supports up to 64GB, effectively giving you 72GB of internal space.

Do not expect stellar camera performance as the Lumia 525 doesn’t come with built in flash, nor does it come with the same sensor quality as the iPhone 5s.

However, if you are looking for an affordable alternative to the iPhone or just something to start your smartphone journey with, the Nokia Lumia 525 might just be the phone for you.

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