New Models of Yoobao Power Bank in Malaysia

External Battery Pack for Smart Phones or better known as Power Bank is now a norm if you are a smart phone user. Unless you want to frantically search for a power point every time your smart phone’s battery level goes low, or plugin your smart phone continuously to the wall, it is always a better idea to invest in an affordable but trustworthy power bank.

Mobile Dot Com, the official Yoobao Power Bank distributors of Malaysia

Today, we would like to highlight the Yoobao Power Bank and the distributor behind Yoobao Power Banks in Malaysia, our friends from Mobile Dot Com. First and foremost, it has not been easy for Mobile Dot Com push out more and more Yoobao Power Banks in Malaysia with many parallel import and fake sets around in Malaysia. The push to dealers like ourselves here in TechGarage, while trying to educate the public about fake power banks isn’t a one day affair, nor can it be resolved instantly. But most consumers will be upset when they go back to Mobile Dot Com to claim warranty only to find they didn’t have warranty in the first place (!) due to the circumstances of their set (either fake or grey)

Read more on our in-depth article of fake Power Banks in Malaysia. As much as we try to educate the public, it hasn’t been easy as well.

YB-6016 Yoobao Power Bank
YB-6016 Yoobao Power Bank. One of the latest models for early 2014.

Like any other distributor, Mobile Dot Com carries a range of products, with other products being stuff like iPhone Covers, Jabra Bluetooth Headsets, Apacer Memory Cards and others. However, we would like to focus your attention on the Yoobao Power Banks.

Why get an officially distributed Yoobao Power Bank?

  1. You get protected by the official Yoobao warranty. Add to that, Mobile Dot Com has made the warranty 1 year, instead of only 6 months
  2. You can be sure you are getting a genuine Yoobao Power Bank. Even if you buy a so-called parallel imported set, how sure are you it isn’t a fake set instead? We have seen and even been conned to buying fake sets before. If it is too cheap to be true, it probably isn’t true anyway.
  3. Your Power Bank should last you longer than that 12 months and well into the three years period. I have friends who after buying four to five Power Banks from the shopping mall and seeing them fail after three months, tell me they are fed up with being cheated by these unscrupulous dealers. Perhaps the dealers really didn’t know, or did they? And yes, at least their Power Banks lasted three months. Mine lasted only three charges. And that is why people buy power banks from us here in TechGarage. After all, we only deliver genuine products.
  4. There won’t be any explosions. While this might be a bit far-fetched, badly made fake Power Banks with bad circuitry can short-circuit and cause either a fire, or in rare cases, explosions. After all, batteries are a mixture of chemicals, and fake Power Banks uses really low-grade or rejected battery cells, plus their wiring is a major suspect. Stay clear.

    A bloated Samsung Note battery. When they’re bloated, they are already damaged.
  5. Your Smart Phone’s battery last longer. Trust us, with bad wiring comes bad charging. Imagine that the original Yoobao Power Bank takes tens of thousands, if not hundred of thousands of dollars to research and be made efficient and yet have proper circuit breaking technology. Also to be able to tell if your Smart Phone’s battery is low or near full, which makes it pump in power at different rates. All these needs programming and a proper chip. However, what happen in a copycat’s factory? Would they have the money, resources and even if they do, would they invest in proper circuit boards and programming? The biggest problems of buying many 3rd party Power Banks is that, they end up pumping power into your Smart Phone’s battery long after it is full. And what happens then is you get a bloated and damaged Smart Phone battery. Not a very wise move.


Yoobao Power Bank : Get them here!

Also, you would find the latest and newest models of Yoobao Power Banks here in Malaysia on TechGarage. This includes, but isn’t limited to the time of writing to the Yoobao Thunder Power Bank 13000mAh YB-651 and the Yoobao Magic Wand Power Bank 13000mAh YB-6016. If you are looking for an alternative brand, read here on why we say Anker is one of the best Power Banks in Malaysia, if not the world.

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