Merdeka Postpaid Deals 2015

This Merdeka sees Celcom releasing a salvo against their competitors with a time limited Merdeka Postpaid Deals offer. While U Mobile has continued their assault with their increased data quota for postpaid plans, Celcom seeks to steal the march over their rivals with two great deals.

Continue after the break to find out the various Merdeka Postpaid deals.

Leading the charge of our Merdeka Postpaid Deals is Celcom’s 4G LTE Portawifi 2.0. With ample coverage and a new deal for 7GB (whole day) + 14GB (between 2AM till 8AM) bandwidth, the Portawifi 2.0 deal is available at RM 85 between now till 31st August 2015.

celcom portawifi 2

To make the deal sweeter, Celcom offers the capability to carry forward up to 7GB of whole day bandwidth into the following month. This makes it particularly interesting for those of you who might be travelling overseas on a regular basis or those who might not need to utilise chunks of data at a time to then be able to carry forward the balance to the next month.

Celcom came up with another winner for our Merdeka Postpaid Deals when it offered the Celcom FIRST One plan for only RM 48. If you sign up before the promotion ends, you get to keep the RM 20 rebate, plus get an additional 1GB data and 60 mins of talk time.

That makes it a really great deal in our eyes as Celcom comes with the best coverage in Malaysia, comparable only to Maxis.

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