Massive Camera Sales This Black Friday

Hey there! If you have been waiting for your dream camera or would like to upgrade your current model, but have yet to commit to buying one, you are at the right place! Black Friday is happening in the United States very soon and you would be able to grab dream deals soon. Because of the strong dollar and slow camera sales, many camera manufacturers have decided to drop their prices to move inventory for Black Friday.

And yes, with Black Friday you can avoid black shops (we won’t name who). Just like the Singaporean Sim Lim Square case, Malaysia does have its own share of black shops who go around selling really cheap goods for premium prices. And you won’t be able to get a refund if you find out you have been cheated.

Among the news worthy camera deals are below

  1. Nikon dropping the price of the D610 further with their new rebate program. The previous price of USD 1996.95 has dropped to USD 1596.95. The D7000 with the 18-140mm lens is only going for USD 800, which makes it a great bargain, compared to newer but less powerful models.
  2. Leica is doing up to 10% off on their M240 digital viewfinder and also significant savings on their lenses.
  3. Canon’s lenses are going for a discount as well.
  4. Sony’s A6000 is only USD 600 with a 16-50mm lens thrown in. A great buy if you are planning to switch to mirrorless cameras. There is also an A7 trade in program right now. Even more amazing is Sony’s A5000, which is going for only (bet you don’t believe this) USD 300. That’s a huge discount. In comparison, it is going for about RM 1550 here in Malaysia.
  5. Fuji’s rebates starts from USD 100 to USD 300 depending on items. For some lenses, that is a significant discount. Our pick would be the 10-24mm lens, which is going for only USD 799.
  6. Olympus’ OM-D E-M5 is now being listed at USD 599. Olympus lenses will be on discount come the 28th of November 2014.

Where to get these massive camera deals?

Oh, I realised we had not put where to get the deals previously. You can get these camera sales at Adorama, B&H and Amazon. We would like to say TechGarage, but we are not a popular online store for cameras just yet. Perhaps in the future with your support.

Massive Camera Sales : How do I bring them in?

If saving a few hundred (or more) means much to you, buying during this Black Friday Sales, which is happening in the United States would mean trying to find a way bring your items in. Nevertheless, we highly recommend the services of HopShopGo, which enables you to have a US Postal Address that you can send your items to. And if you do have enough items, you can even get them repacked to save on cost before sending them back to Malaysia.

What do you think of the deals above? And yes, if you have found any great deals on the sites mentioned above, do share it with us!

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