iOS 7 : It is now worth it to Jailbreak your iPhones and iPads

The Evasi0n jailbreak for iOS 7 devices is now stable, thanks to the last few issues being fixed for the newer iOS models on the A7 chip. If you have been waiting to jailbreak, now is indeed a good time to. However, jailbreaking into your phone causes you to lose your warranty  and you might compromise the security of your phone, especially if you are installing pirated apps.

For us here at TechGarage, we always advice our friends and family not to jailbreak, as we noticed that most jailbroken iPhones and iPads would not be updated for some time, until the next stable version of the untethered jailbreak (meaning you don’t have to connect your iOS device to your laptop / desktop when you restart it)

The fix in last major issue of the evasiOn jailbreak is due to Jay ‘saurik’ Freeman, or better known as the creator of Cydia, updated the Mobile Substrate architecture to be compatible with both iOS 7 and 64 bit chips which iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c phones now run on.

Mobile Substrate is the underlying architecture that enables most of your Cydia tweaks to work. However, before installing, please run a check to see if the tweaks and updates are compatible with your iDevice.

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