Here’s how the upcoming iPhone 6 might look like

Are you an iPhone fan? So are we. Being head and shoulders over Android phones in both performance and quality of apps in the AppStore versus the low quality of apps in the Google PlayStore, having an iPhone seems to be a must. Even more so that iPhone 6 promises so much, including rumours of finally, a large screen, among others.

With a projected cost of USD 299 on contract in the United States, up a hundred dollars, the upcoming iPhone 6 is speculated to boast a strong sapphire display, A8 processor, mobile payments and Healthbook app for fitness tracking. That alone, among the host of changes, would make it worthy to wait and to pay more for.

For us, having a strong sapphire display helps much, as the iPhones has been affected cracked or broken screens easily. Even with the latest version of Gorilla Glass, it is just too easy to crack and break.

Now, enough on that, and onwards to some ideas on how the upcoming iPhone 6 might look like. As the latest models of iPhones are typically released in October, we have plenty of time to speculate and wonder about the features.

While it was just a short period ago that people were creating fakes of the latest iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and others, the trend has now shifted to creating what is called, concept phones. These concept phones sometimes looks like the phones we wish would turn up, and hopefully Apple would take cue by considering its design ethos.

This iPhone 6 concept via Ran Avni shows many of the things we would like to see in the latest iPhone. These includes curved, cleaner design cues from the recently released iPad Air. For us, the smooth, curvy look of the concept iPhone is better than the current boxy iPhone in the market.

Take a look at the video below and tell us what you think.

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