Griffin and Square releases the new integrated ‘Merchant’ case for iPhones

Griffin Technology, a well known accessories maker for both iPhone / iPad and Android devices, has just released their first official collaborated case with Square. Named as the ‘Merchant’ case, it enables blog shops and small shop owners to have an instant POS (Point of Sale) system, while protecting their iPhones.

square merchant 2

Now, having a POS system at hand is handy, as not all walk in customers would have enough cash to buy items from your shop, thus the need for a credit card system, plus integration with inventory.

The Merchant case features non-slip sides making it easier to keep a secure grip on your iPhone when swiping cards and accepting signatures. If your iPhone should happen to fall the silicone case will absorb some of the impact hopefully keeping your iPhone safe and sound. It also protects your phone’s internal components by “eliminating swivel and excess strain on your iPhone’s headphone jack” thanks to its custom-molded design. An integrated slot located on the back of the case conveniently stores your Square reader when the work day ends.

The Merchant case is compatible with the iPhone 5/5s and is scheduled to ship in 1-2 weeks. It’s available for preorder starting today with a list price of $19.99. For a more permanent POS solution be sure to checkout the Square iPad Stand.

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