Fuji X100 previewed

We recently got our hands on a Fuji X100 for personal use. It was a long wait, as we knew about the camera even before it’s launch and were already bowled over by it’s good retro looks and it’s 23mm f2 prime.

Firstly, some background on myself. I personally use a Canon 7D, and though it’s a good camera, lugging it around with my Macbook and a couple of lenses was a burden. At times, I had to head home first before going out, as carrying such gears only demanded attention.

The X100 caught my attention with it’s fast, bright lens and it’s manual controls. While I do like the Canon S95 (and now the Canon S100), they do not have APS-C sized sensors to match.

The X100 is usually compared to the Leica X1 and at times the Olympus EP-3. For me, though the EP-3 has slightly faster focus, the lack of a built-in electronic or optical viewfinder is indeed a hindrance, with their EVF attached separately, making it not as compact nor as inconspicuous the X100.

A more in-depth review, comparison with the Olympus Pen EP-3 & Leica X1 and photos to follow very soon.


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