Choosing a smartphone’s external battery pack

If you’ve ever upgraded from a not so smart phone, to one of the latest, so called smart phone and have been wondering, why isn’t your phone lasting the day, you’ve just discovered what we’ve known for awhile. Smartphones, while being fast and zippy, do not have good battery life, thus the need for a good external battery pack. But how to choose?

One of my dilemmas of upgrading from a BlackBerry to a Samsung Galaxy S3 is the lack of battery life. Previously, with the BlackBerry, I was able to make calls and answer emails on a moderate basis (as in 5-10 phone calls of 10 minutes or more each) and reply emails and still have more than enough to last till the next night.

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The problem with the Samsung Galaxy S3, and many modern smartphones are that, due to the fast quad core processor, battery life is sometimes drained and we’re left with a measly 20-30% charge in the afternoon or early evening. And this is with moderate usage. If you’re a gamer, be assured your battery will not take you beyond the noontime mark.
I was in the shopping mall in Johor Bahru when I spotted some stalls selling some third party external battery pack. After some survey, I seem to came upon the most reasonably priced shop, with the salesgirl giving me the disclaimer that the battery pack (with a printed capacity of 5200 mAH) able to recharge my S3 at least two times.
energizer battery
After some on the road testing, I find it’s capacity decreasing. The first time I charged the battery of the Samsung using the battery pack, it took me 6-7 hours. However, by the time I charged it the 4th time, charging from empty till full only took me 30 minutes! And from being able to charge my phone till the battery was fully charged, it could only charge it to 60%.

Writing this as a warning, as there are many funny sounding China made brands which is much cheaper than buying an established brand like Energizer. But due to the quality of the battery cell, which is dubious, it’s better to get yourself a better brand and have a peace of mind over its performance.

In Malaysia, you’ve the choice of brands like
  • Morphie – good and expensive, but becareful of fakes from China
  • Yoobao – reasonably good, but it’s really huge. From China
  • Mipow – also from China. Really huge as well
  • Yelltowin – get these from established Apple dealers. Expensive, but good
  • Powerrocks – looks good with your iPhone. Also get these from extablished Apple dealers
  • Mili – another China brand.

For us here at Techgarage, if you can afford it, go get yourself a PowerRocks. It’s something you can keep with a peace of mind. And it doesn’t look out of place with your iPhone/iPad/Samsung/Nokia.


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